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What do you do when the weather is so bad you can’t take your dog out for a bathroom break? The idea behind the Potty Patch is that sometimes it’s just too unpleasant to take your dog outside, so now he can have his own little bathroom area in the house.
My dog Destiny is five years old and has showed zero interest in the Potty Patch, even though I’ve placed it in a convenient location. The blurb on the box reads, “Now your pet can go when he needs to!” I know that some dogs will under no circumstances have accidents in the house; they would rather hold it in than go on the hardwood floor or carpet.
Since Destiny has no interest whatsoever in the Potty Patch, I can’t offer any recommendations regarding adult dogs. When I was pregnant, I was one of those moms who considering working on potty training with W from a very young age. About MariahMariah is a former teacher and mother of a rambunctious little boy living in The Woodlands, Texas. Out in the country side, in Ukraine, I saw a number of these made out of wood--some of them very nasty! Heck, when I first started, all I did was buy a $5 toilet seat that I just kinda set on top of the bucket. Speaking of squat toilets, this message came to me today: Consider this information regarding squatting in relation to the saw dust toilet, for the larger picture of proper body function to proper body postion for elimination of our resources. In our school and organisation's campus in the Indian Himalayas, we have made portapotties to use whenever we have a big function with a lot of extra people. If you have access to a garden hose or water spigot, you should consider the Porch Potty Premium with a built in Sprinkler System.
If you don't have a convenient place to run the water (patio drain, rain gutter, flower bed, neighbor's balcony below), then you should get the Indoor Catch Basin when you purchase the Porch Potty.

The regular model includes the parts mentioned earlier, while the large one has two trays, two grates, a big grass mat, and a connection bridge.
The tray can hold up to a gallon of liquid, and the whole contraption is “so easy to clean, just rinse with soapy water”. We have some of the small seats that fit on the toilet and then we have smaller potties for him. They are extremely convenient for us and I think they fit better than some brands of diapers.
She recently welcomed a little girl into the family and is learning how to balance a toddler and an infant!
Timer Turns Water OnAdd the water timer to turn the water supply on and off at the same time every day for one minute. Sprinklers Rinse Grass CleanTwo pop up sprinklers rinse the grass clean with 3 gallons of fresh water. Water Drains AwayThe water runs out the included drain hose to a nearby floor drain, rain gutter, or flower bed. It’s a three-tier system composed of a collection tray, a grate, and a rectangle of soft artificial grass. Once W shows that he is a bit more ready for potty training, I will probably take the same approach we do at school. Once a child learns to pull their pants up and down, Pull-Ups are easier for us to work on potty training at school. She works every day to figure out how to balance all of her roles and figure out her formula for being mom! We keep a shovel with it so people can layer with the soil that came out of the hole in the first place.

If you are really lazy *smile*, add our Water Timer to the spigot and set the timer to run every night while you sleep. But more importantly, it has been grown without soil, consisting of only the roots and grass blades. At home, I’m tempted to let W go diaper free when we get into the thick of training, but that is not an option at school.
Tree books say that feeder roots won't go down very deep, so we keep the holes shallow, dig a few at a time, and move the portapotties when one is full.
Most dogs learn to use the Porch Potty best when using the Training Sod because of the natural grass scent that instinctually lets dogs know where to potty. This allows the layer of grass to drain properly, and keep the drain hose free of soil and other debris. Yes, we praise the successes but I’ve found that if you make too big of a deal, then a child also turns it into a big deal.
There people like a squat toilet anyway, so the structure is very simple, an iron frame, a scrap wood floor, four posts stuck on the corners of the frame, canvas walls and curtain door. You can expect the Training Sod to last 4 - 8 weeks depending on weather conditions and the amount of urine it is exposed to.

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