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June 30, 2015 By Ben Butler 21 Comments Sharing Is Caring12950000In this installment of Pitbull Puppy Training Tips, I’ll be talking about how to deal with aggression either toward or from your Pitbull puppy.
Watch your dogs like a hawk, and whatever trouble they cause, nip that business in the bud immediately. So follow these Pitbull puppy training tips on aggression now to avoid an unfortunate incident later. Does it make me a bad parent that I think about how to adapt some of these techniques to my kids?
My dog loves my son, will play chase with him, But if I hug my son or walk to close my dog will attack him ie bite, and rag his clothes i have to force her mouth open to get her off him.
My dog Dash is just 2 months, he's rough with the biting which I don't really pay mind to, but there's just this other thing he does when you pick him and he growls by your face and does this snapping thing..
Hi, I was just wondering my puppy who I got at 3 weeks old from a bad situation is very mouthy. My puppy is only 3 months and when she does something bad I tell her no and she doesn't stop so when I pick her up she growls at me and try's to bit me.. My little lulu likes to bite and bark at the people who visit my house, how do I get her to stop that? I adopted a purebred pitbull a little over a week ago, and she's grown to love and respect me, but she is still very rambunctious, due to the fact that she is only 8 weeks old. How can I get my 9 month old pit bull puppy to stop being aggressive to other dogs and ppl? He growls when he's tired for petting him and when my toddler try's to pick him up he try's to bite him what do I do.
I have a 8 week old husky pittbull mix that will snap at me and my wife when it doesn't get it way.
We bought a pit bull at 9wks we found out he is deaf I know he is a pup and is theething but he bites at my 8 & 11 year old daughters they can't walk by or even of they are just sitting when he gets put create or I let him down he goes straight after them, also once he gets wind up its really hard to calm him back down I thought him to sit with hand motion in 2days so he is very smart but he does not listen at all when he is hyper.
This is an important thing to nip in the bud, because tension now can lead to an incident later.
Of course, you have to stop the bad behavior as I outlined above, but you also want to reinforce good behavior. I have a friend with a Pit, and they are great animals, but their power does have to be considered in all matters.
These are great tips in case he’s ever around a dog and he or the other dog shows signs of aggression.

Being an informed pet owner helps to reduce the stigma that some dogs are aggressive and unsafe. I believe that if you train these dogs correctly, they will be everything you want them to be. Lucky for us the other dogs in the family opened up to him with open arms and wagging tails. I have another pitbull and he literally hangs from his lip and nips at his neck and when I put him on his back he grows at me. I've had puppies before and know that nipping is usually a puppy phase but because I am pregnant I want to be extra careful with him to make sure he knows biting people is not okay. I've had her since she was 9 weeks and she's always been a sweetheart since day one, and super friendly with people.
He growls when he gets frightened, when I play with him, and often times when we stop him from doing what he wants to do.
One minute he is licking you and in the same moment, he is latching on to your skin, hair, and clothes. Want to keep him but need to learn how to calm him down or stop him from biting any help please!
Aggressive behavior from either your Pitbull puppy or another family dog does not fall into the category of ignore it until it stops.
It was JUST water, and we didn’t yell when we used it, but no matter what sort of behavior she was engaged in, if we busted out the spray bottle, her ears went down, and she stopped immediately. When your Pitbull puppy or the offending pet in question sits nicely next to you and the other dogs, reward that. If your Pitbull puppy tries to steal another dog’s toy or vice versa, correct it with its currency. Your Pitbull puppy is learning how to interact with the world, so things like aggression either from it or towards it is only going to serve to skew that interaction. But they do have some traits bred into them that need to be watched and acted upon correctly.
But I hesitate to take them to dogs parks because of possible aggression by other dogs towards them.
She's my one and only and I've never really introduced her to other dogs until probably 3 months ago..
But the last couple days she has been biting (hard!) She will bite my hands, arms, toes, shins, and clothes.

See, one of our pit puppy pals has a pup that’s just a bit too rough with his Yorkie canine sibling. In another breed, a nip from one dog to another to get it to stop pestering it can result in a little wound. No matter what it is, don’t allow it to happen or stop it immediately before it escalates.
I've gotten him bones and rubber teething toys but he still won't leave my hands and feet alone! When this occurs i say NO in a firm deeper voice and hold her muzzle shut until she calms down then i let it go. I've always wanted a pitty , and I know they can be one of the best family dogs just trying to make sure I'm doing it right from the beginning with him! Most of the time I can tell it's to see how far she can get, but I don't tolerate any of it. The Yorkie responds by growling and snapping at the pitbull, who then responds by growling and going after her. How can I figure out the best way to stop him from the behavior, or is the behavior just him going through his "learning to be a dog phase"?
He sleeps in a kennel and when I put him in there to eat he knocks the food everywhere and yells at me. When you combine that with the corrective strategy above, your dog will start to get the idea. Im am absolutely against this dog becoming aggressive at any moment so i would like to fix her early before it really becomes a problem. Eventually she will ignore the toys and go for my hands, and give me the little, yet loud, puppy barks. I hate all the talk about them being mean dogs I am just desperate to figure out if I have a "bad egg" .

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