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He went on to Huston., Texas he is a first pet for a young lady whose never had a pet before. Selective breeding is used to create this marvelous cross, bringing the best of the spangle and yellow face cobalt. Magnificent colors reward us with this girl who we will be adding to our breeder groups.Selective breeding rather than colony breeding produces these wonderful color morphs. 5 weeks old and sweet as can be this is one Dee was angry with me for selling he loved her to death.
Emily helping to socialize the babies she was terrified of birds until she started holding the babies.

5 weeks old getting to go home for Chanukkah, he has brought joy to a small child who couldn't have four legged pets. Babies at four weeks in training tanks so they can see out and learn to perch on low level stands once they have out grown baby bins. The birds color will continue to darken with each molt until they are two years of age Murphy is our household bird and he rules the roost. Notice how his head has lightened and his bars have receded back giving him a snow white face. With plenty of northwestern exposure to ensure the longest light activity so we will be able to extend our breeding.

The new aviary where our newest pairs are kept until eggs are laid before moving them into the baby room in the house at eight days of age. In the spring we will be attaching the outdoor flights for our retired breeding birds to give them the retierment they have earned.

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