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Mar 15 Posted by joy 7 Comments March 15, 2010 Posted by joy 7 Comments It sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it?  Asking a tiny baby to be able to control her bodily functions?  I thought so too. I wouldn’t have remotely thought about perching my first child on the toilet simply because I had no friends or family who had ever attempted it. Motivated by the opportunity to avoid toilet-dunking poopy diapers, we started paying attention to her schedule and found that she needed to sit on the potty once in the morning, and then again after each meal.  Sure enough, we found ourselves having only one poopy diaper a day, if that, in the days and weeks that followed. Speaking of luck, we have to congratulate Rose for winning last Friday’s giveaway of peppermint shower infusers. Question – did you begin to notice a pattern before or just after introducing solid foods?
Also, a note, especially for anyone reluctant because of carpets, time to get a diaper off, etc.
While I personally have no interest in the recent crop of small flat 9mm pistols, kudos to Smith for listening to the demands of the market and creating something with a lot of promise. That being said, if the thing really _is_ reliable, I’m thinking tons of people are going to buy one, because many people DO really want something in this size for carry.

A few years ago I bought a Kahr PM9 and it was the answer to the back-up pistol I was looking for.
I took note at the NRA show that S&W obviously got with the various accessory makers well beforehand since there was holsters, lasers, aftermarket sights and a plethora or other stuff for the Shield on display. All text, images, and HTML code Copyright © 2007-2016 TLG Tactical Consulting, LLC or their respective owners.
These days I’m firmly aboard the early potty training bandwagon now that my eight month old baby regularly poops on the potty.
But when we wrote our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-To-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet, I learned more about infant potty training and found it fascinating.
She was perched on our wood floor, bare bottomed due to a slight diaper rash.  When she started to strain a bit, my husband and I scooped her up and set her on the potty. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The published Kahr width is just the slide width, with the slide catch lever (or whatever large lever that is) the total width is just over an inch.

I mean, hey, if you’re going to put a manual safety on the damn thing, then make it usable with a one handed firing grip under stress.
You would need two of these to equal the thickness of a G26, or an M&P9C for that matter.
Rather than paying attention to this behavior, which is what the child is seeking in the first place, do not react at all, and let the child clean and change himself.
When changing the child, don’t show emotion or interact, so that he realizes that he isn’t getting any response or attention, he may ask for the potty again because that got him some attention at least.
Don’t give him attention and once he realizes that this is getting him no attention and is leaving him with the unwanted job of cleanup, he will realize the error of his ways and mend them.

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