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Golden Eagles are first and foremost opportunists and virtually any small to mid-sized animal may be predated if encountered. There are numerous eye-witness accounts in Europe of sheep being carried off by a Golden Eagle… There is one confirmed report of a Golden Eagle snatching the cub of a Brown Bear. While tales of runners being attacked by owls are far from rare, the retelling of the story was enough to give my older son nightmares for weeks! UPDATE: The school in Montreal, Centre NAD, spoke out Wednesday to admit the video is not real. At one house, he was filming the backyard a huge owl with a large rabbit in his claws swooped in on him and knocked him over.

It was nice when it took out the squirrels and blue jays, but we had to keep the Pomeranian puppy under very close scrutiny whenever it was potty time, lol.
I think the theme from Jaws would have been a more appropriate choice, considering the circumstances.
A large imperial eagle weighs upwards of 10 pounds, much too small to pick up and carry a child. I’ve worked with over 40 different birds of prey, several being my own hunting birds (falconer) this would be very rare behavior. One of them finally won and managed to get away with it, but boy you could tell they were tired after that.

Unfortunately, this will cause unnecessary persecution of eagles because people will now be afraid that their children will be taken away by eagles.

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