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The Porch Potty Standard is different from the Porch Potty Premium because it does not have a hose connection or sprinkler system.
For the last year and a half we lived in a downtown St Pete mid-story condo with a large outdoor patio area. Dog potty training is an absolute necessity if you don’t want to deal with stools and urine stains all over your house. Also, remember not to scream at your pet or hit him as this will only slow down the entire process and make your dog more confused and stressed. Young puppies will not be able to hold urine and poop until they are 12 weeks old as they have no control over their bladder and colon.
Your dog will need a place where he can hide from all the fuss and noise of everyday life and relax for a bit. You can either use crate or designate part of a room for this purpose with the use of a baby gate.
Because dogs are naturally clean animals they will not soil their leaving area unless forced to by circumstances. Make sure to praise your pet cheerfully while he’s eliminating and don’t take him back home straight after he’s done his job. Remember, dog potty training doesn’t have to take ages and you can save yourself a lot of time and nerves by following these few simple dog potty training tips. The unique design allows instant drainage to either the container stored under the Porch Potty OR the 14 foot drain hose to be directed to any nearby rain gutter or floor drain. To rinse the synthetic grass or training sod, pick up any solids first, then use a watering can to sprinkle a few gallons of fresh water over the top and let the Porch Potty drain itself. As we moved in we knew we wouldnt want our Boston Terrier Brutus to have to wait on the elevator first thing in the morning and last thing at night for doing his #1s. At the time of purchasing the porch potty the dogs were trained to use puppy pads inside the house and we could not get them to let us know they needed to go outside! It is often considered hard or daunting but if one knows what to do it becomes a self-explanatory process.
It is a matter of fact that he will have to eliminate indoors couple of times in order to learn that this sort of behavior is forbidden.

That is why you need to make sure to schedule the meals regularly and let your dog out within the first 20 minutes after the last one. Your dog will usually signalize it by circling and sniffing around (it’s his way to look for a spot where he can relieve himself). Place a sleeping pad inside it, covered with one of your old t-shirts – this will make the new home seem more friendly and comfortable. Soon you’ll realize that crate training is a very effective way to teach your four legged friend control over his bladder and colon and speed up the dog potty training process. I was just joking In fact, you will need to provide your new pet with his own toilet but it can be anywhere and is as easy as holding a leash. You don’t want your dog to fall into impression that the fun of being outside ends as soon as he eliminates. Be consistent in implementing them and you will see the first effects within the matter of weeks! But more importantly, it has been grown without soil, consisting of only the roots and grass blades. So we purchased the porch potty and they loved it my male dog took to it right away and within the first week he was sitting by the door which my husband and I were amazed and ecstatic about that they were finally getting the idea to always go outside. Make sure to follow these few dog potty training tips I outlined below and you will have your dog toilet trained in a matter of weeks.
So arm yourself with plenty of cleaning liquids and odor-liquidating sprays and get to work! By feeding him regularly you will make your pet understand that there is no need to get stressed about the whole elimination thing because sooner or later you will let him outside.
Pay close attention to this paragraph as it talks about one of the crucial parts of the dog potty training process. Start feeding your dog in there regularly and spend a bit of time playing with him so that he gets used to staying in his new den.
This can make him less eager to go out in the future and cause more unexpected poops in your apartment. With a full 8 square feet of grass area (2’x4’), the Porch Potty can accommodate all dogs from 5 to 120 lbs.

Most dogs learn to use the Porch Potty best when using the Training Sod because of the natural grass scent that instinctually lets dogs know where to potty.
This allows the layer of grass to drain properly, and keep the drain hose free of soil and other debris.
A few months after having Brutus trained on the potty we added a second Boston  to our family, Olive. Basically, the turf seals to the plastic, and keeps all the water right under where it was placed. I live in a home with a yard and I will use this set up until she can hold herself for longer periods. The cleanup is simple the sprinkler heads with the automatic timer is amazing all you have to do is pick up the solid waste which you are doing anyways when taking the dogs out for walks! Just make sure to take him there regularly so that he gets used to relieving himself in there. Every Porch Potty comes with synthetic grass, and Training Sod is only $29 when purchasing your Porch Potty. So much so that she would run out the patio door on her own and use the potty all day long for both her #1s & #2s.
Even when we pour a few gallons of water on it, we have to lift up the turf to pour some underneath to rinse it off. You can expect the Training Sod to last 1 – 4 months depending on weather conditions and the amount of urine it is exposed to. Later on he will return to this spot by following the smell from his previous visits but for now use a leash to limit his ventures and keep within the chosen area. We just had the standard one, not the premium, because with a hose nearby we could just hose it down ourselves and we had a runoff drain on our patio that overflowed into a wooded are below. This is after watering it daily.I don't know if others have this issue, or if folks mostly don't use it indoors.

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