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German shepherd puppy - the dog training secret, German shepherd puppies training german shepherd puppies. German shepherd - free online seminars and free training, The german shepherd training information you will read here was developed by a panel of renowned dog training experts whose. German shepherd dog and puppy training tips from the, The first 2 to 6 months give a german shepherd puppy the foundation for living harmoniously in your family.
German shepherd training: learn all about training german, The german shepherd is a bold, courageous and loyal dog.
Carly is outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic and very responsive to and supportive of her students. I think the positive training methods used at the center are wonderful and have helped my relationship with my dog; my only regret is that I didn't know about clicker training when I had my first dog, Piper--now deceased--who was a Westie.
The Ahimsa Puppy Kindergarten classes were highly recommended to us by many people and we are so glad we took their advice!
The classes not only socialize your puppy with other dogs and people but it teaches the owners important training principles which you can apply to just about anything you want your dog to learn. There were other challenges too --- like how she launched herself at other dogs whenever we took her for a walk, or threw herself back and forth across the backseat of the car when we drove. I had heard about clicker training and wanted a non-coercive approach, so I got on-line and found Ahimsa. I had an incredible visit with Kathy Sdao today and I think that it will lead towards positive progress for Sally. We are thrilled with the puppy classes we are taking and plan to continue for as long as there are classes to take.
Just wanted to say how much we appreciated the teacher for the Basic Manners class we just completed with Teddy. Thank you and as always I highly recommend your classes and look forward to crossing paths again!! With today's wind, I was able to practice the techniques you showed us during the workshop.
Having seen Sydney through some severe thunderstorms and 2 straight days of fireworks, I never imagined she would calm down so quickly. Your Fraidy Dog workshop really helped us to understand that Sydney is not doomed to be scared all of the time. This was our first experience at Ahimsa and we were very impressed with your knowledge and presentation. We just took Copper on a week vacation, camping and romping around - she is doing well on her commands from puppy class. Loki has become such a gentle companion and reliable friend that he is no longer kenneled at all. It was a lot more work than I thought it would be when we first brought him home and every minute was worth it. Ahimsa has given us effective ways to deal with a very energetic and intelligent puppy; without her guidance I fear that we would have found ourselves in a power struggle with a very determined dog.
I felt that the basic manners class prepared us well to be able to take what we learned home and apply in the day to day.

I spend lots of time at the dog park and I never hesitate to talk to other dog owners about the great experience that Dave and I had at Ahimsa. He was adopted from a shelter in Nashville and has spent the last few weeks making himself known throughout the Vanderbilt University campus. I feel the classes are really helping me to bond with my new rescue dog and that my rescue dog and myself are being given the support and attention we need to continue training at home as well as in class. It has truly been an excellent program overall from the orientation to the choice of programs. I highly recommend Ahimsa Dog Training to anyone who needs to train puppies or older dogs, brush up on some skills, have more bonding with your dog, or any reason is good. The final precipitating event was when she bit Bill as he tried to take something dangerous out of her mouth.
Turning on the windshield wipers meant she would leap onto the dashboard and bark and bite violently at the blades. Ahimsa helped me understand some about the nature of the changes we have asked Roxy to make --- what she’s likely to learn quickly, what will take her a while, when and how Bill and I need to change. Yes, the off-leash thing was a bit challenging at first, but we knew in advance that we'd be going strictly off-leash, so we practiced it. It's a great way for us to have accountability, and for her to experience many different situations. I tried it from far away at first, until she was calm, and progressed on, working daily since the class. His hobbies include chasing squirrels, chewing on anything he can get his teeth on, and romping around with his older brother and sister, a border collie and a black Lab. I think the instructors are fantastic and I love how they pay such special attention to Frankie. I would highly recommend Ahimsa to any one who is looking for a puppy or dog manners class.
Whenever anyone left the house, she turned herself into a canine bowling ball and threw herself at the front door. Having an intelligent shy working dog in our lives is different from what it was like with our other dogs, but I can wholeheartedly say that it’s good and interesting, and it means Bill, Roxy and I have a common bond in the true joy of learning.
I found it quite beneficial for an excitable pup like Ru to have many distractions -- dogs, people, and especially TREATS! When she's around other dogs in public places she does very well at screening them out and focusing on me and what we're doing. We're both understanding one another a lot better and this new form of communication makes us both happier.
Sadie got out the front door when I was coming in and she started to dart towards the busy street by my house.
My husband has recently started to train her to track and she's taking to it like a duck to water. This little ball of fluff loves sunny days and belly rubs and will definitely talk to you if you let him.
They really are great and seem so knowledgeable about dogs, their behavior and the best way to train them.

Sure, it embarrassed me a bit occasionally that she could be so easily distracted, but the results are that now, she's much less easily distracted. She greets everyone with an enthusiastic wiggle, invariable bringing a smile to even the grumpiest faces. She learned some new skills, enhanced old skills and most importantly I think our bond was strengthened through the experience. He's charismatic and fun-loving, but with a name like Memphis, the pup's also got to have some soul, and we wouldn't have it any other way. She has been most helpful with fitting my dog to a harness to making arrangements for my dog to have some play time when we showed up one night that it was cancelled but was on the internet as still going on. She hated grooming which was a problem because she has such a beautiful, but very thick coat.
I'm grateful for the rare opportunity to spend that much time outdoors, off leash and with other pups. Pearl is now so much happier in the car, not waiting for the next time they will turn on, it's like a different dog. She was bringing me her squeaky toy the other day and my cat was sitting in the chair next to me.
On the positive side, it was clear that she was basically very loving and intelligent, and could be sweet, calm, and well-mannered. Both Bill and I agreed that we had never known a dog with more capacity to learn than Roxy. I am moving to seattle soon and am looking forward to signing up for a couple of the classes you have.
And by some miracle, in spite of the panic, she stopped immediately and waited for us to run up to her. It’s easy for her, she seems to relish it and she will do almost anything for a treat.
When the cat didn't react, she picked it up and started squeaking it at the cat until he rolled over and started to play fight with her! She still has a lot of growing to do, so this little bear cub will eventually be a gorgeous beauty when she is full grown. They were very helpful and there was a noticeable difference, for the better, in Emme after her time with them.
These employees have impressed me and I did want to let you know that in this day when customer service is hard to find you have three outstanding people on your staff. It was wonderful to participate in a class with other people who appreciate them, instead of hate or fear them.

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