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We have the honor of owning two pairs of these adorable potty-training pants by Kara at Little Acorn Designs, and they are dearly loved.
NJ Transit has new train schedules going into effect on Sunday, and there are changes on the both the Montclair-Boonton and Morris and Essex lines.
Take a look at the schedules (PDF links below) and let your fellow travelers know what to look out for.
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Gerber Pullon Waterproof Pants - If your looking for an inexpensive substitute to diaper covers for your baby and are willing to diaper using diaper pins or Snappis (see related items below) these plastic pants will do the job. When you think about the ongoing financial and environmental cost of pull-ups, that’s a great investment! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. That’s a lot of fine print and a lot of different stations to look at, so we ask you: what have they changed in your schedule?

It’s still hell to commute and the most horrid part is the trains empty the restroom hatch at the Upper Montclair station so while you wait for your train you feel about ready to keel over. These are also very popular for use with the Gerber Training Pants (see related items below).

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