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Offered is a San Francisco Giants home uniform dating to Albert Stieglitz's tenure with the team during spring training of 1959. To calm my racing thoughts, I summoned the flight attendant and ordered a little mini bottle of chardonnay.
But in the show he wore a wig, kind of a page boy that was brunette but didn’t have bangs. After we landed and we were de-planeing, I figured I would just see him at the baggage claim and admire him from afar. I was on the front row so I could grab it, heave it up and then head towards the cab stand. But the affair would end with my getting ditched, crushed in his palm like a used coffee cup, and thrown in the trash with all the others who dared to canoodle with Mr. Remember, this was back in the olden days before anything cell phone, laptop, social media.

I could not come up with anything that I felt comfortable saying to him. Plus, I was kind of scared. He whooshed his locks around with great abandon – like a wild stallion galloping around the stage. I grabbed it, and gave a heave-ho. But in fear of not being able to lift it combined with a sudden adrenaline rush, it came flying off in warp speed, and as I whirled it around, there he was. My bag (the size of a cruise trunk) came whipping around violently, with a purpose and…within an inch of clipping him at the knees.
He didn’t offer again to carry it, as I did my best to look un-needy, un-weak, you know, girly. I wrote him a letter (phone number included) reminding him of what happened, when and where, and… could I buy him a drink? MEARS Auctions will work with you to determine authenticity, current value, and the marketing strategy which will help you maximize the value of your item.

Stieglitz" & "1959" sewn to the tail while "Giants" and number 7 are also sewn to the cream flannel jersey.
I believe I had connected in Chicago to go to Neenah, Wisconsin, to meet with the client, where we’d go to the groups together. Also accompanying are a matching pair of uniform pants which were issued John Fitzgerald for use during 1959 spring training.
Better yet, I would send him a note that summarized my observation attached to my mini bottle of chardonnay in First Class.

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