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The new training pants from Flip are finally here and my boys and I are trying them out for the first time! Flip trainers are made of the same soft, durable waterproof fabric you find in the one-size covers.
I talked to a lot of other mothers, and many of them had to purchase 10 or more cloth trainers for their child. The fact that I’m successfully using the Flip system with just TWO shells and ten inserts is such a great deal, financially speaking!
OK – The next photo shows an insert fastened inside the shell (there is velcro at the front and back, under two flaps, which keeps the pad in place).
I love how smooth and soft the organic inserts are, and they are very well made with durably serged edges.
I acknowledge that one-size diapers aren’t the perfect fit for everyone, no pun intended. Out of curiosity, I tried the same pair of Flip training pants on my 3 year old and adjusted the snaps to their largest setting.
Mothers who want to try the new Flip training pants can pre-order from any number of online retailers. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog at right, and you won’t miss any of my reviews or giveaways! Elizabeth, I like your idea of having a set of these Flip trainers to take when you’re on the go!
Yes, the side panels are very stretchy and my 3 year old has no problems pulling the trainers up and down. It is now 3 am and we just got back to bed because we woke up to her saying, my bed is wet!
By the way she is already starting to get the daytime potty training and she is not a big wetter at night! I haven’t found a thirsty enough trainer for overnight and just use the Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter. My son is 16 month old showing some interest in the potty but usually wants to sit on it after he has gone in his diaper.
Each trainer comes with 5 organic cotton inserts which can be adjusted for size, just like the pants.
Those who bought just 5 or 6 were doing laundry constantly in the early days of training AND seeing a lot more wear and tear on the trainers.
It was hard for me to get an idea of just exactly how the system worked by looking at pictures on retailer websites.

This is used to keep the cotton inserts in place as the trainers are being pulled up and down.
Because there is nothing to hold the pad down in the crotch area, it might bunch and twist a little. Each consists of six layers of absorbent organic cotton, which for us means no sensitivity issues like we’ve encountered in the past with fleece and microfiber. At night, we have a few different options, and I’m not so concerned then about looks or fit, so using 2 inserts at a time, or using other doublers from your stash, can work very well. I love that Flip has come up with these wonderful training pants to round out their line of one size diapers.
As I mentioned before, this is something you’ll notice with one-size cloth diapering systems.
With the 5 inserts that are included with each shell, you would definitely be well prepared. Wish they had these trainers when I was potty training my others and I wouldn’t have had to buy 8 pairs of pants to get us through a few days. I was wondering if I could use them as a pull up nappy for my wee one using my stay-dry flip inserts before embarking on potty training and switching to the cotton ones. Although I have used my Flip trainers with 2 inserts overnight a few times, I don’t think they are meant to hold in an entire nighttime accident. However, I will be updating the post soon because now 22-month old Susanna is showing interest in the potty.
Plus, the stretch-to-fit side panels offer additional customization for both size and color.
He’s got a nice round tummy that likes to stick out, but the trainers hugged him comfortably around the middle. And since they are one-size, you not only use them exclusively throughout the potty training process, you could also use them on TWO different kiddos at the same time.
Another minor annoyance for Samuel and Benjamin, but nothing bad enough to negatively impact the performance of the training pants. Because your child will be sleeping and not running, jumping and playing, the extra inserts will stay in place better. There may be a little bunching or puckering when they are smaller, but then later on it will start to fit like a glove. They tend to fit better and better as your little one grows, and babies at the smaller end of the sizing spectrum might look a little bunched up or bulky in their pants.
I unsnap one side and pull them down, but it’s a pain to get them resnapped correctly, plus the insert bunches.

I washed it 3 times first, line dried, and used the biggest settting in the front and smallest setting on the sides. But they are great at holding in small accidents during the day time, or if your child accidentally wets first thing in the morning (if you get the trainer off right after). I just don’t want to spend the extra money when I am not sure the flips will fit him very long. The trainers are designed to both pull up and snap off, making training and cleaning up much easier on everybody.
Just like I do sometimes with my Flip covers, I quickly wiped the inside and put in a fresh insert. The blue stretch-to-fit side knit panels are one example of the color combinations that you can get. The inserts washed up well except for the fact that when they came out of the dryer there was a little bit of bunching in some of the layers of fabric inside that would not smooth back out. Also, asked about the fabric inside the inserts bunching up a little after washing & drying. But if you’re like me, and think of cloth diapers as a long-term investment OR if you have multiple children and a limited budget like I do, then these Flip training pants will be a welcome addition to your stash. The Flip training pants are made to fit 18 months to 4T so my Samuel is at the lowest end of the size range. Also, I used 2 inserts but did not fold any down just left the inserts both on the longest length.
I would suggest either a traditional cloth diaper for nighttime that you can pull up and down easily or a trainer with customizable absorbency like the Tinkle Time Trainers. Another known issue, and apparently a problem with certain batches of the inserts that were produced.
I was not able to use my Thirsties Fab Doublers in the trainers because they are too short and won’t stay under the flaps.
Benjamin is a small three-year-old so I think that’s why the trainers fit slightly better on him. It could be anywhere from 12 months to 5 years or more, and that’s a big range of sizes to go through. All of the other training pants we’ve tried are single use only and they go straight into the laundry pail after one accident.

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