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I'm not going to be devastated if it doesn't work or anything, I realize I probably should have tried this earlier, but it just seems that it would be nice if both ears had the same appearance. I went a full week with nothing, and noticed that pesky left ear wanting to fly again, so I decided to try #2 on the list - the Great Dane method with taping under the chin. The vet seemed a little disappointed when I told him that we planed on keeping her ears natural - he said they would have no issues standing up, and most dobes he has seen have had super floppy down ears that people crop and have a hard time with standing.

I have seen all shapes and sizes of dobe ears so I guess I'm not too sure what "natural ears" should look like? I have 2 females, one came from a kennel in Detroit so I was just curious if it might be the same one.

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