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Gundog training can seem an overwhelming task, but the secret is to break it down into small lessons, and only train when you are relaxed. If you are training a gundog with the intention of working it in the field or to keep it happy (and gundogs do need some kind of work to stay happy) there are a number of things you can do to make your experience easier and more enjoyable.
Another recommendation is to get a good DVD (or several) related to the breed you are interested in.
My third suggestion is books – there are many books around on the subject, some more useful than others.
There is a link on the menu to a number of pages for free training tips, or you can browse gundog training tipsheets for free here. Please remember, although these sheets are useful as a reference, they cannot replace good instruction from experienced people. I exhibit dogs at dog shows and travel a lot … Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet.
We intend in the very near future to start producing a newsletter featuring training, book reviews, different dog breeds, famous trainers and handlers and articles from guest authors.
Dog whistles may be one of those things that you buy without giving a second thought to, but with a littleconsideration you can avoid some annoying mistakes. There are various scenarios in which you can work on embedding such manners in your dog, and below are a number of examples based on my own experience with Trade, a young labrador dog of mine who is now 12 months old. Trade has to sit and wait when I open his kennel run gate and while I slip a lead over his head.
When I’m picking-up and the horn is blown to signal the end of the drive, I don’t let all of my dogs race off together. We are the last house at the end of a no-through road, so once we are out of our gate, I slip Trade’s lead off and ensure that he remains walking to heel, before I send the dogs off one at a time by their name as we continue down a field. When we are on a walk, Trade is happy to hang around with my other dogs who usually range up to 60 yards from me. For example, you might be shooting quite a distance from home, which involves a night away. The best way to teach your dog this is to keep him on a lead first thing in the morning when he is likely to be desperate to go to the toilet. I train Trade for 15–20 minutes every other day, rather than every day, because I feel I get more from him – he is more responsive. The grass in our field is quite rough, so I started off by throwing a dummy which landed in a corner and into the wind to maximise Trade’s chance of success.
Whereas I originally used a small dummy all the time, now that his pick-up, carrying and delivery are perfect, I am introducing all sorts of different types of dummies and balls for him to retrieve. I have built on this so I can send Trade for memory retrieves down the side of a hedge or fence, on tracks which help to keep him on course.
I make sure it is behind us when I send him for the closest dummy first, because I don’t want him winding the other dummies and swapping the intended retrieve for them.
When working on directional training with Trade, I sit him on a track, with a fence behind, and stand several paces in front of him. With my right hand raised high above my head, I blow the stop whistle (one long blast) then throw a dummy to land on the track some 15 yards to the right (his left).

One of the biggest advantages that clicker training has over other methods,A  is that it involves no pressure on the dog.
Little puppies can start training and still be puppies.A  Because to the dog,A  clicker training is just a game. Teaching a four month old puppy to trot along at your heels,A  off the lead, is a breeze with a clicker.A  It might take a bit longer than with lead jerks and hustling.A A  But who cares? These classes are for puppies from once they have completed their vaccination course up to six months of age. Dog Agility is very good for the Working Gundog too, where their owners wish to get their dogs fit for the next Shooting season or keep them fit throughout the Summer months after a busy Shooting season.  It's an excellent way for dog and handler to relax and have fun! Our Rascals and Mischief Classes are for dogs who have had little or no previous training and who are over 7 months of age, and after they have had an initial 1-2-1 assessment. For handlers and dogs who maybe experiencing a particular training issue like bad recalls, trophy running on retrieves, barking at cars or chasing anything from fur to joggers; or for those who would like to polish up their training skills in more depth. Prices are charged at an hourly rate or clients may book either five or ten consecutive lessons to get a discount. These visits are also beneficial for those owners having behaviour problems with their dog. The agility classes to a maximum of 10 dogs each end (that is, 10 dogs the contact end and 10 dogs the jumps end). All words & pictures are copyright © 1997-2016, Gun Dog Supply or their respective owners. We hope to encourage people to spend a little time concentrating on thinking about what they are trying to achieve, and help them find the resources to achieve their ambitions. There are plenty around the country, generally meeting weekly or monthly, with sessions lasting from a couple of hours to full days. This has the advantage that you meet experienced people who can help with solving any problems you may encounter. I will be reviewing what is currently available, as well as my older ones you may be able to find still on eBay. We are keen to hear from anyone wishing to contribute to or receive this newsletter – if you are interested in joining, please register today.
In the preface to the 1909 version, the general’s son discusses the improvement in dog welfare during the intervening years. It’s also about education – teaching him the manners and patience that make for a nice shooting companion.
Trade is usually sent last, and so he has to wait, hence all the time teaching him to be patient.
This is another opportunity to perform a simple exercise that teaches Trade to be patient, by sitting him up in the yard when I get to his kennel. I walk in open land, with no livestock, so I can see what they are doing, and Trade can rummage in hedgerows and other cover, and negotiate and get into ditches, all of his own accord. This might not sound very impressive, but it is surprising how many dogs are not comfortable doing this.
You arrive at your accommodation in the dark, only to find it is on the side of a busy road with nowhere to take your dog to be clean.
As he is performing, keep saying a command – I use ‘hurry up’ – over and over again, and praise him when he has finished.

A ball on a rope is good because I can throw it out a long way and he has to get his head down to wind it.
Once mastered with a single dummy, I then introduced more dummies, so that now I can have three out, dropping one at a time, 20 yards apart as we walk to heel. With us both facing the direction of the dummy, I point my hand out, make sure he is looking in the direction I want to send him and, without rushing, send him for a memory dummy on the command ‘go back’. The fence acts as a barrier and ensures that Trade goes sideways rather than back, upon my command. In my own time, I then move my right arm down and out and, in a positive voice, say ‘get on’.
If there is a particular product you are unable to find or you require further assistance, please call us on 01673 885959. All puppies and adult dogs must have an up to date vaccination record if they wish to come to our venue.
47 min.This is the first video in a three part series of fast paced, information packed, rewind if you blink, entertaining, common sense, easy to understand, videos that you'll want to watch over and over again. It is also a great opportunity to see how others cope with their sometimes wayward animals and it is good fun to mix with like-minded people.
I have built up this exercise slowly over time, keeping him on a lead to start with and sending him from a sitting position, then with the length of the lead just looped around his neck to make sure he is steady as each dog is sent off. Again, I have built up the length of time that he sits and waits slowly as his concentration level is still very limited. From following my other dogs he has learned to wriggle under wire, cleverly twist through rails and confidently pop over wire sheep netting. It is imperative that you assess your dog from a young age and train him accordingly to get the best out of him. To call him to me (recall), I also use the whistle – four quick repetitive pips, repeated as necessary. Should he hesitate, with my right arm still held out, I quietly take a step or two towards him, repeating the command in a lighter but still positive voice. Proof of this is requested on the first visit; without it, you will not be able to take part in the classes. All of these obstacles can crop up when we are out in the shooting field, so it is very useful if we can encounter them and become familiar with them in our own time, beforehand. After repeating this exercise successfully, I throw the dummy to the left and do the same routine again. I then progress to having two dummies out, one either side of Trade, and send him for one, before sitting him back up out in front of me, throwing that dummy back out in the same place, and then instructing him to pick the other dummy on the opposite side.

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