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Of course I do, I am a dog trainer after all!  But the nice thing is that I can also see the pros and cons of such an establishment.
At some point I always take my puppies to a puppy kindergarten class, but I have some helpful hints to help you and your puppy succeed BEFORE you ever invest in a group class together! You see, I think that puppy kindergarten classes and dog obedience classes are an opportunity to “proof” your dog with the distraction of other dogs and people AFTER you have given him the foundation he needs to succeed.
The problem is that most people take a puppy kindergarten or basic obedience class BEFORE they have a handle on potty training, or crate training much less obedience skills.
And, some people, who need to take a puppy kindergarten class or an obedience class, don’t because they are afraid their dog will embarrass them; this is also a top reason for high dropout rates! Dogs and puppies don’t LEARN in a crowded building stuffed full of other unknown dogs and people. Puppies have a hard enough time learning in the solitude of their home, with very few distractions. But, I believe in order to be successful and to make your money count your dog should know the behaviors PRIOR to enrolling in a class.
This not only makes your dog look like a “super star” because he knows all the moves; but it also gives you and your dog the confidence to work around other dogs!
I begin planning my puppy training regimen prior to even bringing my dog home by puppy proofing my house, getting lots of toys, and figuring out what behaviors to reward, what behaviors to ignore and what behaviors to correct if you need help with any of those things click here. And I NEVER take a class without training my dog first.  Otherwise we are set up for frustration and failure. Instead, my dogs learn how to deal with the distraction while the rest of the class is misbehaving and the owners are trying in vain to TEACH their puppies the skills that they will need for a lifetime. Your puppy will likely learn to play (many puppy kindergarten programs allow pups to play after class) which is a crucial thing for puppies to learn and something YOU can’t teach him! Your puppy will learn how to deal with the distraction of other people and dogs and still have to listen to you! Your puppy will not “learn” at class.  Learning takes place in the privacy of your own home. Your puppy will pretend you haven’t taught him anything for the first week or two, he will then begin to understand that he can listen to you even when exciting things are going on in his environment. Puppy classes don’t usually cover essential training like potty training, crate training, nipping, chewing and other problems you might encounter at home.
It is expensive; especially if you and your dog are getting frustrated instead of learning to work through distractions.
Plus in our Puppy Programming Course we talk about potty training, crate training, crate games, nipping, chewing and we even talk about WHY your puppy will refuse to listen at certain growth stages.
And, you can take your time working through the videos at your pace, faster for some puppies and slower for others. And you can focus on the videos you might be struggling with at the time that you need them.
These are all the things I would and do teach my puppy before I start a puppy kindergarten class. So if you are having puppy questions or problems, even if you have an older puppy come and learn how to teach your puppy first, and then take a class together to get you ready for a life of fun and enjoyment. I too am a Professional dog trainer and believe its important for your puppy to have the basics down. I’d love to go to puppy school but too busy with obedience training others and their furry friends.
I like the idea of puppy school as most pups would miss out on socialisation without the regular class comitment and I see a lot of those. One lesson was even taken up with a ‘pet photographer’ who was there as we arrived and even took awful pictures!

I have pursued my own training with my pup at home, take him on social visits to friends with dogs, take him to the dog park etc and he is growing into a wonderful pet.
I made a mistake, I have been following your training techniques with my Newfi puppy (now 7 mo.
Chasing is addictive and builds their prey drive, so allowing her to even sometimes will make the behavior harder to break.
Even though she is older and bigger than most, the ideals are still the same and there are 60 videos to help you get control and higher obedience!! If you think he’ll get too squirmy, bring him into the office in a crate or dog carrier. Many vets have muzzles they lend to prevent aggressive dogs from biting other animals or people in the waiting room. Even the best-behaved dog can act up in the blink of an eye when they’re scared or in pain. Favorite Walk: He loves to walk the neighborhood because he gets to meet someone new almost every walk.
Arrival Story: Purchased him from a breeder in Colorado and he was shipped from a co-breeder in Deleware.
Aiding with potty training (see Tips For Housebreaking Your Puppy) – for example, dogs will not generally eliminate in their den and a kennel is a much smaller confined area that a young puppy can conceive of as their den then a room or an entire house. Help confine your puppy or dog if she is injured – unfortunately dogs can get injuries or ailments that require they be confined. If the crate is too big for your puppy, she will be more likely to eliminate in some corner of the crate.
In a perfect world, he would already be used to a crate, but that is not always the case (in fact, it is rarely the case).
Some people say a radio or other soft noise will help – and it can depend on the puppy. I use a box during the first nights because I always want the crate to be a safe happy place. Finally, start to put the treat in and close the door for just a moment and then let him out. It is the same as with a puppy but hopefully without the nighttime drama as he should be used to sleeping through the night now so you don’t need the box.
I am having great difficulty getting my puppy who is 5 months old to go potty out the house, please help me train him to go out by himself!!
Puppy kindergarten is great, however there are folks out there without a clue on where to start with just the basics. But I take my puppy big dog class so she can socialise with various ages and sizes for short sessions before and after class.
Here are some tips on making your pup’s next vet appointment less traumatic for both him … and you! If you have a small dog that tends to act up around other dogs or cats, place and hold him on your lap. This will prevent him from seeing everything that’s going on around him and will help keep him calm.
If you’re concerned, come in and ask at the front desk before bringing your dog into the office. When you’re in with veterinarian, ask if you can assist them by holding your dog or keeping his head still. So be sure to consider your dog’s individual disposition and always practice good vet etiquette. If they are left to wonder too early in their life they are very likely to do things you consider bad.

If the later, I get up and take him out quickly (do not play with him or give too much attention). I have also seen where wrapping a ticking clock (an old analog alarm clock) in a towel and putting that in the box helps. You need to set aside time over the first few days to work on the crate so the dog can graduate from the box as soon as possible. Again, if he does cry, wine or bark, wait for a few seconds of calm before letting him out. Again, if he does cry, wine or bark, wait for a few seconds of calm before letting him out. It only takes one unruly dog to upset the other patients and their owners … and you definitely don’t want that unruly dog to be your own.
A crate or carrier isn’t really an option for a larger dog, so have a short leash on your dog as you come into the waiting room and then sit him between your legs. Of course, your vet may prefer that you not be in the room and ask you to step out during the examination or procedure.
However, if the dog sees his crate as his home, then he will naturally want to spend time there when he is not feeling well. With every puppy I have had, they go in a box or other confinement (not a dog crate) next to my bed. Not only will punishment make them not like the crate, it is pointless as a dog does not understand punishment.
If you do this, and the dog learns to eliminate in his crate, you are going to have a much more difficult time housebreaking your dog!
I was surrounded by other like-minded first time dog owners too – always nice to learn with other students. Lots of crates you buy today will have a separator section where you can grow the area the dog can access as she grows. Often the first couple nights with a puppy are crucial for getting the dog to be comfortable away from you, and they are going to be a bit sleepless for you and the puppy! Often I will put my hand or arm in the box so they know I am there if he cries, then I remove my arm (all night long). Remember to take away food and water at about 7:00 in the evening so that he is running on empty at bedtime. Understand when you get a puppy you need to figure out a schedule to let the dog out every few hours for the first couple months. Dogs are den animals, and unless they are introduced to a crate wrong, the crate is a very comfortable den like environment. My adult dog, Joson, liked to play with the puppy, however, sometimes Joson would be done and the puppy would want to keep going. 8 weeks old or so) the first night with you is very likely his first night away from his siblings and he is going to be lonely and he will not understand what is going on. If he continues to whine, a gruff “Quiet” and a quick, but gentle, shake by the scruff should settle the matter.
Tough love may be difficult, but eventually your puppy will learn that crying at night gets him nowhere. There has been a lot of research on this subject, and everything I have seen and read shows that dogs do not feel guilt.

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