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Moms & Babies8 Essentials for Potty Training SuccessFrom a kid-size seat cover to the Everyone Poops book, mom blogger Chelsea P. TODDLER UNDERWEARAnother way to get them excited about the process is to let them pick out their very own underwear, especially if they can choose a pair covered with their favorite characters. Kim Kardashian has been very vocal about her waist training endeavors, posting multiple snaps on Instagram to prove it.IKhloe Kardashian was soon to follow.

Kourtney Kardashian used waist training just three months after giving birth to help shape her post-baby bod.ISoon, other stars followed, like Kardashian rival Amber Rose.IBut is it really safe?
Snooki may be looking fabulous here, but health expert Shanna Israel says, "your organs need room!"IIsrael adds: "You don't want to create health issues due to ill fitting garments.

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