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We teach you the building blocks that set the stage for successful dog training and becoming your dog’s best friend!
Feel free to ask to see a demo and we'll show you an example of a dog who has learned to Heel, Sit, Stay, Come, etc. Make sure the collar fits snugly enough so your Chi cannot wriggle out of it but is loose enough so it will not be uncomfortably tight around his neck. Orthopedic dog beds are probably the most important dog accessories what you can buy for your Chihuahua. If your toy dog will be sleeping in a crate, a nice crate pad and a small blanket that he can burrow in will help him feel more at home.
For training or just for taking a stroll down the street, a leash is your toy dog’s means to explore the outside world. As your pup grows and gets used to walking on the leash, you may want to purchase a more flexible leash. Similar to those used for toddlers, indoor dog gates help keep your puppy confined to one room or area when you can’t supervise him. Playing with toys from from puppyhood encourages good behavior and social skills throughout your dog’s life. Check your Chihuahua’s toys regularly and replace them if they become frayed or show signs of wear.
You don’t want any more room than this- especially if you’re planning on using the crate to house train your dog– because he will eliminate in one corner and lie down in another. The key to getting your dog to stop chewing your stuff is to teach him to chew on his stuff. From training to feeding and sleeping to playing, your new puppy will need a few dog accessories to make life comfy, easy and fun. A custom dog collar and ID tag will help your Chihuahua in the event that he becomes lost, collars will also be handy training tool. Replace the blanket if it becomes ragged and starts to fall apart because your toy dog’s nails could get caught in it.

These allow you to extend the length to give your dog a broader area to explore or to shorten the length to keep your dog closer to you.
Make sure the toys and bones don’t have small parts that could break off and be swallowed, causing your dog to choke. You may want two sets of bowls, one for inside and one for outside, depending on where your Chi will be fed and where he will be spending time. It also is the ideal doggie den -a bedroom of sorts- that your toy dog can retire to when he wants to rest or just needs a break. Potty accidents will occur, which is acceptable in the beginning because your Chihuahua puppy won’t know any better. When he grabs something of yours and begins to chew, give a simple, non-emotional “No.
Lack of leadership can cause anxiety in your dog and anxiety is handled by your dog in chewing, barking etc. Dry bones will only be fun for so long.  Try a rubber toy that you can stuff with treats or keep a variety of toys and bones for your dog to choose from.
Good leadership, patience and setting your dog or puppy up to be successful takes work, but in the long run a lot less work and aggravation than not teaching your dog. Be prepared and visit your local pet-supply store or major online pet stores, before you bring home your new family member. If your toy dog gets into trouble, the collar will act as a handle, helping you divert him to a more appropriate behavior. Dog collars come in many styles, but for starting out, a simple buckle collar with an easy-release snap works great. Dog beds come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but your dog just needs one that is soft and large enough for him to stretch out on. Teething puppies like to chew-in fact, chewing is a physical need for pups as they are teething-and everything from your shoes to the leather couch to the fancy rug is fair game.
Stuffed toys can become destuffed and an overly excited toy puppy may ingest the stuffing or the squeaker.

Also because all puppies chew to soothe their gums and help loosen puppy teeth, dogs should always have easy access to several different toys. These things will vary depending on your situation, but it is important that you have everything you need to make your Chi comfortable in his new home. But if your adult dog is chewing your stuff, you can have a very expensive dog behavior problem. If you leave shoes, tv remotes, kid’s toys all over the place before the puppy or dog understands not to touch, then you are continually setting the dog up to fail and you are consistently promoting learned behavior you do not want. Because puppies and rescue dogs often don’t come house trained, it’s helpful to buy an orthopedic dog bed that can be washed easily. For toy dogs, make sure the one you choose has openings small enough so your puppy can’t squeeze through the bars or any openings. Divert your Chi’s chewing instincts with durable toys like bones made of nylon or hard rubber. If your dog uses up his energy outside with no one to supervise behavior, the dog does not know that the outside behavior is not OK inside. Being a leader to your dog also means he will obey when you tell him to let go of an object he is not allowed to chew on.
Walking is important to dogs, because it is a great way to constructively manage the dog’s energy AND if you do your walk correctly, a great way to practice your leadership role with your dog. The more emotion and interest you put on the wrong item, the more interesting it is to the puppy or dog.

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