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If you believe what the conspiracy books say the Warren Commission believed about the Single Bullet Theory, you would have to conclude the commissioners and staff of the commission were a bunch of fools.
Consider, for example, James Altgen's photo of the limo rounding the corner of Main and Houston. The picture above left: a frame from an amateur movie shot by presidential aide Dave Powers.
The Andrew Leche film likewise shows Connally well inboard and he turns around to talk to JFK. A photo shot by Dallas photographer Duane Robinson of the limo on Cedar Creek, published in Paris Match. A frame from the Muchmore film, taken as the limo rounds the corner from Main to Houston Street. A film put together from amateur footage by Dallas Cinema Associates (the "DCA film") has some sequences that clearly show Connally well inboard of Kennedy. Thomas Canning was a NASA scientist who studied the Single Bullet trajectory for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Canning used the House Select Committee scenario that had Kennedy and Connally being struck by the Single Bullet at Zapruder frame 190. Click here to look at the FAA (now Exponent) web page, and download the computer animation — if desired. Dale Myers, a specialist in computer animation, built a 3-D model of Dealey Plaza, the limo, Kennedy and Connally, and also concluded that the trajectory works. Click here for information on how to purchase Myers' video, and numerous additional frames. Another thing conspiracy authors will do to attack the Single Bullet Theory is to move the entrance wound in Kennedy's back down below the Warren Commission location, and move the wound in the front of Kennedy's neck up in order to require an absurd trajectory though Kennedy's body.
The other missile entered the right superior posterior thorax above the scapula and traversed the soft tissues of the supra-scapular and the supra-clavicular portions of the base of the right side of the neck.

But how could the facesheet show that dot in a lower location, yet describe the wound in a higher location, 14 cm. That's the assumption of conspiracy theorists who point to Boswell's face sheet and claim that it shows the back wound "too low" to be consistent with the Single Bullet Theory.
Conspiracists have insisted that the wound in Kennedy's back was too low to be consistent with the Single Bullet Theory. If moving the back wound down is a way of attacking the Single Bullet Theory, moving the throat wound up is also.
Thus conspiracy books describe the Dallas doctors as being absolutely sure that the wound in Kennedy's throat was an entrance wound.
Conspiracy authors have consistently claimed that the slits in the collar of Kennedy's shirt could not have been made by an exiting bullet.
One piece of evidence the conspiracy authors use for a "high" location for the throat wound is the testimony of Dr. On this matter, as on the location of the back wound, the photographic evidence is decisive. Anybody who wants to posit that CE 399 was faked and planted by conspirators needs to supply plausible answers to all of the following questions. Plant a bullet that was only "slightly" damaged if its role was to have passed through at least the President? Long after John Kennedy is seen in the Zapruder film moving his arms toward his throat in response to being hit, John Connally is seen holding his hat. Supposedly, Connally is obviously unhurt in Zapruder frame 230, but John Kennedy is obviously reacting to being hit at this point. If the Single Bullet Theory is true, then Kennedy had to be hit at the same time, and again, detailed scrutiny of the film shows this was likely the case. Conspiracy books will tell you that the "chain of evidence" on Commission Exhibit 399 was broken, and that the bullet would have been inadmissible as evidence in an Oswald murder trial.

The chain of evidence for CE 399 was in fact intact, and the Warren Commission traced its possession from discovery by Tomlinson to analysis by the FBI. Tomlinson and Wright, although failing to positively identify the bullet, said it "looks like" and "appears to be" the bullet they had recovered.
Conspiracy-oriented author Vincent Palamara has produced a fascinating compilation of testimony that contradicts the Warren Commission's timeline on Commission Exhibit 339 — who had it, and when. Conspiracy books make all kinds of assertions about the inability of the Single Bullet to have done the things the Warren Commission said it did. When a bullet just like Commission Exhibit 399 is fired through a human wrist bone at 2,000 feed per second, it is almost certain to be badly mangled. One controversial question about the medical evidence is the angle at which the shot that hit Kennedy in the back transited his torso. We have already seen the Left Profile photo, which shows the level at which the bullet exited Kennedy's neck.
Researcher by Nick Sylene suggests some "home tests" that he thinks prove that Kennedy's coat could not have been bunched up, and that the Single Bullet Theory can be ruled out.
Thornton Boswell, who drew the facesheet, was asked about this by The Baltimore Sun in 1966.
What if a big chunk of lead was found in JFK's neck or upper back, a chunk too big to have come from CE 399? NECKEXIT.JPG is Artwohl's analysis, using an autopsy photograph and a photograph of Kennedy in the motorcade to show that the bullet must have passed through the collar and the tie.

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