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Two large storage compartments-holds potty training pants, wipes, bags and even extra clothing! This Travel Potty Chair comes with standard zip lock bags - but does NOT include any padding for absorption of urine. This potty chair folds up to a very compact suitcase, and you attach a disposable plastic bag for waste. Because the first thing your kid will do in a roach-ridden tropical restaurant is lean down to gum the side of the table.
Put a hat on the baby as he falls asleep, then fold down the rim to cover his eyes once he goes down. A rear-facing car seat that becomes a forward facing car seat, FAA approved for air travel. This is where our baby slept for the first few months of his life, when I was freaked about rolling over on him. Folds up into a little suitcase for easier transport, and gives your little one a familiar place to sleep.

A bright bag with enough pockets to keep the binkies separate from the tiny shoes, and dirty clothes away from the onesies covered in spit up.
I adore the Kolcraft Carrier – super lightweight, simple to fold with one hand, travels brilliantly, doesn?t wake the baby when you transfer her, and doesn?t take up too much space when you park it next to the table at a restaurant. It is designed as a briefcase to be portable.Great for travel, beach, camping, shopping or anywhere! The potty folds up into a brief case and uses disposable bags Travel Potty (Sep 08, 2011) Reviewer: Jamie Schuster She used it at her Gma's house, she likes that it has compartments. Whether you’re packing light or bringing everything in the nursery, these 15 products will help you and your baby travel more comfortably. The darkness helps prolong his airplane nap, and gives you a few more minutes to finish your magazine. Maybe you could ask your tiny guy to hold the shoes that wouldn’t fit in your suitcase. I think the 'legs' are a little flimsy but for what it is, I think it is great. Great in the car or the boat!

I over love it. portable potty (Jan 03, 2015) Reviewer: Rick Schlittler This is an amazing product! Today they were both saying "poop, poop" when we were in the parking lot of the grocery store.
And the twins are SO proud walking to the trash can with their zip lock bag of, well you know.
Compartments on each side -- one for zip baggies and the other for wipes and anti-bacterial gel. Thank you! Travel potty (Feb 20, 2014) Reviewer: Corali Romero Have purchased several of them for family and friends with children since I own one that I purchased for my first child and I'm still using it for my toddler.

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