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You can easily print out one of these packing check lists to make sure you packed all necessaries for a save and easy journey. This entry was posted in Articles and tagged Airlines, Asia, Aviation, Business travel, Credit card, Travel on August 8, 2013 by Alex Cardo. Nevertheless think of if you added some great visuals or videos to give your posts more, “pop”! The journey of traveling alone, whether it be to visit a friend or moving from coast to coast can be fraught with a whole host of danger zones if one doesn't do their homework first.
Leaving the northeast to drive 3200 miles cross-country in a 17’ U-Haul truck alone was quite the adventure.
The main goal of the drive-instead-of-fly trip was to offer tips to women of all ages on how to travel alone safely. Both Bridgestone and U-Haul are proponents of safety on the road, each involved in numerous marketing, advertising and promotional venues to shed light on the importance of personal safety on the road, whether across town or across country. The trip overall was uneventful save the 1000 miles of headwinds I hit starting in Oklahoma, which never stopped until reaching Southern California. The weather otherwise was the Goldilocks of the trip, not too hot, not too cold, near perfect every mile except for the winds.
However, the bad news is that the center of the country is known as tornado alley many of which begin whipping up during May so keeping an eye on your drive route every morning before you leave your hotel is important as tornadoes can pop up anywhere at anytime.
I carried a cooler in the U-Haul that contained small bottles of juice, water, and quick snacks. For nights on the road, I reserved Homewood Suites and other Hilton suite brands that included kitchens.
Homewood Suites are nationwide and affordable, and include a fully cooked breakfast, a great healthy way to start off for a long journey.
If you're driving your own vehicle, make sure to bring it to a trusted and honest mechanic before you leave to ensure all things are working properly, including brakes, oil and windshield washer fluid (you will be wiping many bugs from your windshield).
In closing, I want to add that traveling alone or with friends can be one of the most unique and life-learning experiences of a lifetime.
Road & Travel Magazine is committed to the safety of women and their families on the road as is U-Haul and Bridgestone Tire, both of whom we want to thank for their participation and support in helping us to get the message out to women that your personal safety on road matters! If you dream of packing up a motorhome and heading out on the open road, but you are new to this type of travel, you will definitely want to know some useful tips for traveling by RV. It is so tempting to turn on the ignition and just drive off, but you have to do careful planning beforehand.
Traveling in a motorhome can get tiresome very quickly, so make sure that you choose someone you can really get along with. If you decide to travel in a motorhome you should know that storage space is very limited, that’s why it’s so important to pack light! I’m not going to tell you to become a skilled mechanic, but you need to learn some basic repair and maintenance skills. There are many things that should be taken into account, and it’s very important to get as much information as you can.
Photo by Andy Rusch Business Travel Tips – If you are a business person, you will probably have to regularly move from one place to another. I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I've traveled alone many times across the country and learned the hard way that preparation is key and to expect the unexpected. They are both also huge advocates of helping turn our planet into a more sustainable environment.
Not only did she know the lay of the land to help lead them through treacherous terrain, Sacajawea also knew where the most abundant food supplies were (as they had to hunt for their meals – no Burger King quick stops here). I did research the national weather map for conditions across country during the month of May but nowhere did it show Route 40 west to Route 44 southwest would have such high winds.
Local weather reports, wherever you are, should give you some advance warning of areas to avoid.

If you need to call or text someone, wait until you stop at the rest stop and do it from your locked vehicle.
That said; turn on your phone's GPS so that you can be tracked by police or EMT's in case of an emergency. Controlling your vehicle and dodging traffic in unfamiliar territory can be distracting and daunting enough especially if you hit unexpected detours or construction barriers. The lines in the road can be memorizing making you feel sleepy especially if you're out in open flatlands.
The kitchenettes also allow you to cook your own meals at your own leisure, and without having to leave the room. Remember, you're away from familiar turf so there are no neighbors or friends to call for nearby back-up. Most importantly, make sure you have four road worthy tires on your vehicle that will endure the mileage of the trip and anticipated weather conditions.
RV travel is a great way not only to see your own country, but also to travel around foreign countries. First, plan your routes, and then figure out where gas stations are, otherwise you could run out of gas on the road and get stranded! Pick someone who will share the costs, driving and chores, and who will want to do the same things. Sure, winter is not the best time to travel in cold areas, and even though a summer trip sounds enticing, a motorhome may be very stifling in the heat. Knowing how to do basic mechanical jobs, such as checking the oil and water will help you keep your motorhome in a good condition. If your trip will cover your company, it is usually planning your itinerary for you to buy tickets, book hotels, make insurance and so on.
Had it not been for the generous support of Bridgestone Tires and U-Haul International, the return to Southern California after a 14-year absence, and the birthplace of Road & Travel Magazine 25 years ago, might not have ever happened.
Most hotels have ice machines, which are not only free, but this also prevents another stop during the day.
Each morning before leaving, I called that night's room to confirm, which is a good practice whenever you travel. Do the homework, stick to your plan, don't allow distractions to get in the way of your focus or surroundings, and most of all, be aware of stranger danger. Taking a RV trip can also be a fabulous experience, but it needs planning and sensible approach. But if you own your own business and are all used to decide for yourself, I suggest you read the following tips for organizing your business trips. In fact, the wind pushed hard on all the high profile trucks on the road making us all look like we were driving drunk. I expected strong winds in the higher elevations where it's common but not 50mpg wind gusts.
I noticed my Garmin had an issue with forks in the road, leading me in the wrong direction at least three times.
The best way to keep yourself alert is to plan your daily miles carefully, driving only during daylight hours, when you're more likely to be most alert and the view ahead is clear. Reservations can get screwed up sometimes, an issue you don't want to face after a long day's drive. It’s especially relevant for outfits and kitchen equipment, because a kitchen is tiny in a motorhome! If someone were driving drunk it would have been impossible to tell as all the trucks on the highway were swaying in soft unison like a ballet troupe performing Swan Lake.
The last thing you want on the road alone is a surprise turn of events, with no back up plan in place.
The best defense is offense… plan your route carefully and stay on the main freeways where there are many well-populated family travel centers along the way.
Night driving can lead to not only more unseen obstacles on the road, as well as headlight glare, it's also the favorite time of day for most predatory behavior, as nighttime provides cover from witnesses.

Refilling on gas first of day provides peace of mind from running out to where the next station may be. Just a few years ago, one had to buy a GM vehicle to have access to OnStar but today they offer it as a separate navigator, which can be applied to almost any vehicle on the road. If the date of your trip depends on your choice, I recommend to search the internet for discount tickets.
The great thing about OnStar is if you get knocked out during an accident their advisors are automatically notified and send help immediately to your location.
And if you get locked out, they can unlock your vehicle remotely no matter where you are, which means less time outside of the vehicle.
More than 100,000 women and children go missing in the United States alone every year many of whom are never found. U-Haul also provides roadside assistance when you rent as well as rentals of navigation systems.
This card gives you access to thousands of business airport lounges around the world for a nominal fee. At some airports, a Priority Pass card, you can even take a shower, sleep in special sleeping places and get alcoholic beverages and food. You can’t anticipate every situation that may occur to you during your business trip. For example, you can get into a situation that I described in my article Visit Sri Lanka Part1. If you have enough time or not enough money, you can save considerably by using connecting flights. In this case, you will benefit greatly in price + you can spend a few hours in the new country for you (unless you pre-arrange a visa) 6. Take your iPad in your business travel and you do not have to worry about buying paper maps. In addition, you can leave all your partners, your business card, which will indicate your local phone and international phone number. The important thing is that almost all of the major banks have released applications for tablets. Often you take on the road with a special card with a code, USB flash card with the keys to the bank-customer, and so on.
But, specifically for tablets banks create software with a light version of the bank customers. Thank you in advance confirm your identity by obtaining SMS, calls to your mobile, and so on, and you have your bank in your hand. You need to creep into the relevant authorities in your area to get the international driver’s license. I have not personally tried it, but my friends had booked a driver’s license via the Internet. You can sign up for air flight, book the best places on the internet, print your tickets on your printer and pass your baggage in a special sector of the airport! You have in your bag is an expensive laptop, phone, bank card you have on hand an expensive watch – think about whether you are safe?
Imagine that your negotiations are successful, your partners will put you in a taxi, and the taxi driver was a bandit? You were in a foreign country with no money, hence no food, water, hotel … Visa Platinum gives you the opportunity to get a certain amount of cash in any country of the world. I was very often in unusual situations, so I’m sure these tips will be useful to you.

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