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Tommy was so tired after a long day of potty training that he fell asleep at the kitchen table while I prepared dinner.
So, there you have everything you wanted to know about Tommy’s potty training but were afraid to ask. What an experience it is to teach a young child that diapers aren’t the only way to go. After waiting to hear its familiar rumble down the street, we greeted the garbage truck (one of our trusty sanitation engineers was actually a lady!) and Tommy told them he was done with diapers and he didn’t need them anymore, sporting only his tighty whiteys, a t-shirt and a smile.

Here our Potty Prince poses with his favorite reward, a foam airplane that he completely destroyed and dismantled in less than 48 hours, and a toy light saber, which was his magic wand to give him a little courage when he was having trouble on the potty. We decided it was time to pitch the Pull-ups over Fourth of July weekend and officially turn our kid into Captain Underpants. There have been accidents, usually involving a little guy who’s just way too busy playing or watching Mickey Mouse to bother with the potty, but they are becoming fewer and further between. I found a program called 3 Day Potty Training and decided to give it a try…it cost less than another box of Pull-ups, so why not?

With every success he earned a sticker, a treat (M&Ms are his poison) and more atta-boys than we can count.
He really didn’t care much to talk about the promised Disneyland trip, all he wanted was to go to Chuck E.

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