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Many parents don’t spend too much time worrying about homework or tutoring until their child shows signs of lagging behind at school.
Yet new research suggests that from the time children are babies, it is important to talk and read to them, since by doing so, we are helping them build the foundations of effective speaking, reading and writing skills. When subjects are taught in fun, study is never boring; rather, it is an opportunity to bond with you, learn through play and increase a child’s self-confidence.
On the other hand, if your child is a reflective learner, they may prefer studying alone and may require time alone for reflection on the material to be studied. If you are unsure about your child’s learning style, there are a myriad of online resources which will help you identify it.
Before creating a study plan for a term or year, meet with your child’s teacher. Find out what they should be learning and aim to meet those criteria and even go a step further, so that your child is never daunted by the material he encounters in class. Teach your child core subjects in practical, understandable ways. The Montessori method is renowned for a constructivist approach, which encourages children to learn concepts and work with super fun materials rather than just rote learn or use standard textbooks. Give your child regular, specific feedback and reward them for good work and consistency. Don’t wait until the end of a home tutoring session to say something generic like, “You worked really hard today”. Remain patient. If you’re feeling tired, take a break rather than let your child feel you are annoyed with them for failing to perform tasks quickly or correctly. Share the load: If you are a working parent, then you know how hard it can be to find just one or two spare hours in a day to dedicate to a home tutoring session. College Nannies and Tutors, Morris Plains + Basking Ridge, NJ973-288-2699Visit Our WebsiteCollege Nannies & Tutors Builds Stronger Families® by providing role models that lead to happy children and successful students.
Perhaps your child is struggling in school, or maybe they just need a little extra homework help.
With the school year in full force, many junior and senior high school students are beginning to think about life after graduation. With that in mind, read on for some issues to consider before lining up a tutor for your child. Call the doctorIf your child is old enough and his marks really do need a boost, explore whether he has a health problem working against his grades. Consider learning problemsIf your child has persistent problems with reading or math, and just doesn’t seem to get it no matter how much you review with him, talk to the school about assessing whether he has a learning disability.
Take feelings into accountIt’s not always obvious, but issues with friends, conflict with a teacher or sadness related to a divorce or death in the family can impact on kids’ school performance. Time crunchEven the healthiest, most confident kid might be stumbling in school if he has no time for homework.
Get extra helpIdentifying and dealing with such problems may help your child get back into the groove at school. When to call a proYou’ve ruled out any health, emotional or learning problems and your child’s grades are still sliding. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. Has your child ever demonstrated doubt when it comes to their ability to do well in school?
Research shows that all students experience knowledge loss over the summer months when they don’t participate in learning activities.
The school year is crowded with so much information that many important skills are sometimes given less than adequate time for learning and understanding. Transitions from elementary to middle school and middle to high school can be extremely difficult for students.
About Latest Posts Angela CulleyOwner & Tutor at Math Ninja, LLCAs the founder of Math Ninja, Angela provides online and in person math tutoring for all ages including those studying for the GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, PPST, and other math specific subject assessments. I think one of our girls could benefit from some tutoring, something we are currently looking into, sometimes they just need a little extra help! As a parent, you want your child to have an excellent education and to gain as much knowledge as possible. It is not only language we have to be aware of, however; it is equally vital to instil the value of regular study and learning in a child.

Learning about the way your child prefers to process information will help you individualise your home tutoring sessions to the greatest effect.
An active learner, on the other hand, will probably prefer to learn by solving a practical problem rather than spending precious time reading manuals and instructions.
They are tried-and-tested resources written by highly experienced educators and kids take to the material like ducks to water. The method often astounds parents, whose kids are able to do arithmetic into the thousands while still at preschool.
The more your child associates learning with fun and affection, the more likely they are to find their own motivation to keep at it.
One of the key goals of tutoring should be about boosting your child’s self-esteem by showing them they can accomplish much more than they ever thought possible; don’t risk undoing all your good work by losing your patience on a given day. Your spouse and your child’s siblings can do their share as well; each family member can focus on a specific task they would like to teach a younger child. As the largest nanny & tutor company in the US, College Nannies & Tutors is constantly looking for role models to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults.
Whatever your child's situation, employing a professional tutoring service may be just what they need to get ahead in the classroom. The 12-year-old was getting help with his reading at Oxford Learning Halifax, a tutoring agency, a few afternoons a week.
In fact, one-third of Canadian parents with children aged five to 24 have hired a tutor, according to a 2007 Canadian Council on Learning survey. If he’s in kindergarten, grade one or two, there’s still plenty of time for him to pick up basics like reading, writing and math. If your child is getting a C, it means he’s meeting the curriculum expectations, and maybe that’s good enough. Poor hearing or eyesight can affect how a child learns in class, especially when it comes to following verbal instructions or seeing material on the board. Skipping breakfast or not eating enough before an early hockey practice can jeopardize her morning lessons. Carter says that children suffering from low self-esteem or anxiety — often as a result of social problems — might not answer questions on tests because they’re so afraid of being wrong.
Most students should be spending 10 minutes per grade per day on homework, says Barbara Kennedy, executive director of Sylvan Learning in Vancouver. But if he’s fallen behind, particularly in a cumulative subject like math, it may still be prudent to call a tutor, at least temporarily. Summer is the perfect time to refresh all of the content necessary for success on these exams. The newly adopted Common Core State Standards include the Standards for Mathematical Practice which are sometimes overlooked. In addition to learning a new school and making new friends, students most likely will be learning a new set of  expectations while also learning content.
Prior to launching her business, Angela coached K-12 educators on effective teaching strategies, curriculum writing, and assessment development.As a classroom teacher, she taught math to students ranging from grade 5 - 12.
Working one-on-one with students and watching them grow in confidence and knowledge is the best! He has been bringing how poor grades, is getting frustrated and wants nothing to do with school. With fewer distractions, your child will be able to concentrate on the information that is being presented to him, which could have a hugely positive impact on his academic success. For instance, if your child boasts high interpersonal intelligence, you may consider tutoring another child simultaneously, so your child can indulge in the kind of healthy debate and discussion they find so stimulating. For some kids, graphs and maps are extremely useful while for others, written instructions are far easier to understand. The financial outlay doesn’t have to be significant, with entire sets of readers available, for instance, for under ?40 and many books available from libraries or second-hand online bookshops. Check out this fascinating video which shows how a few simple tools can simplify complex mathematical tasks for kids.

The tutoring sessions can turn into a fun competition to see who’s making the most progress! Cherie Carter, a special education teacher in Toronto, says parents should let younger kids learn at their own pace, and wait until grade three before hiring extra help. If he’s had a lot of ear infections, or others in the family have hearing problems, get his hearing tested. If she’s very busy or not sleeping well, she might be dozing off mid-afternoon and missing important content in class.
To suss out whether social or emotional problems may be interfering with school, take note of everything in your child’s world, from the recent loss of a pet to a sudden lack of phone calls from friends. If a child is overscheduled, she might not have the time or energy to sit down with math or reading each evening. Trying to squeeze test prep. in during the school year can be extremely stressful for students.
In addition to refreshing previously learned skills, your child can get a jump start on the upcoming school year’s content. She has also taught both undergraduate and graduate math courses as an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia and Mountain State University.
His tutor will be able to identify the things that are really troubling him and will be able to modify instruction to make information easier to understand.
But if a child has an undiagnosed medical condition, learning disability, social or behavioural problem, or just not enough time for homework, tutoring may not help — at least, not on its own. Before pushing him to pull up his grades, consider the potential downside: frustration, loss of interest in school, and possibly even worse marks.
And speak to his teacher — there may be some dynamic in the classroom that’s causing him anxiety.
Plus, parents play a big role in homework success: Your child needs you there to encourage and coach her through the tough stuff. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. These strategies will help to improve your child’s confidence and help them start the upcoming school year on a good foot.
Summer tutoring can be used to pre-teach your child upcoming content and strategies to implement during the transition. Then he went for a routine checkup and the doctor ordered tests which revealed that he had type 1 diabetes. Few tutors are trained to deal with learning disabilities, and spending a lot of time on a challenging subject can frustrate a learner. Unless the subject matter is far beyond your comprehension, help her out: It’s free and it brings you closer to her and her academic life. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. As soon as he got treatment, Joshua suddenly started making leaps both in his tutoring sessions and at school. Without knowing what the issue is, you can’t fix it,” says Lorelei Burgess, centre director for Oxford Learning Halifax. Instead, talk to the school about increasing his special education time or trying new teaching strategies. Talking to your child and his teacher or getting the school counsellor involved is a more logical way to start. But I am at a point where I could not keep with them ( feeling tired coming home from work; not able to prepare new lesson materials). Kids learn fast, once they feel that they are succeeding in learning they look forward for more.

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