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Waterproof, zippered pillow protectors to fit any pillow size from Standard to Queen to King. Waterproof car seat covers feature velcro openings to accommodate the car seat's three or five point harness system. So here we are, eight months after we started potty training, with a boy who still poops (and pretty much prefers to pee) in his diaper. Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Potty Accidents.

We’re at the 2 month mark with DD, and she shows no sign of wanting to poop in the potty. One of the first steps to making toddler potty training a good experience is to insure that your child is ready. So we’ve been working with my son for about a year on this and we are now at a full month with no accidents.
It’s just getting over the hump from NOT pooping at all in the potty to DOING it (at least a few times).
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But at least he understood the process: When you gotta go, you run to the potty, pull down your pants, sit down and pee. Adding to the frustration was the lack of printed material dealing with this particular potty training pitfall.

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