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It is adjustable, so that it can grow with your child until he is able to use the big toilet all by himself. PTC Comment: The Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for Boys is designed to mount to any height that you would need. It is attached to the toilet via a hinge, which allows the The Potty Scotty™ Urinal to be swung up and over the toilet bowl and into the toilet, where it empties.
The The Potty Scotty™ Urinal's cleaning action helps train boys to lift the seat up, and put the lid down when finished.
Your child will feel more confident using the The Potty Scotty™ Urinal, meaning fewer accidents and less mess. The unique cleaning action means that "The Potty Scotty™ Urinal"can be emptied and flushed without removing it from the toilet. The simplicity of "The Potty Scotty™ Urinal" will ensure that toilet training is simple and stress free for you and your boy. The design incorporates a "living hinge" which has been tested to 1 million actions and is unconditionally guaranteed.
He didn't want anything to do with potty training, then I went to a store and saw this urinal thing for boys so I bought it.
Since then I've had another boy he's 30 months old and i bought him a potty chair because I couldn't find the Peter Potty anywhere and didn't remember the name of it.

So I got a potty seat and he hates it, he loves the big potty but, he plays like its just fun for him, when I can tell he has to go poopy I run him to the toilet and he'll go poop. Thank you Potty Concepts for a speedy delivery service and excellent customer care. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LiL Marc looks like the full size urinals found in public restrooms, only on a smaller scale. With the cost of the product, freight, and taxes it cost you almost $50.00 for the product, which in my eyes is a little expensive.
He was potty trained in less then a week, with no wetting the bed, or accidents I was so proud of him!!! The toilet is then flushed the normal way, with the The Potty Scotty™ Urinal remaining inside the bowl where it is washed.
It clips on to the front of a normal sized toilet, allowing small boys to urinate whilst standing up unaided, 'just like dad'. After it has been flushed, it is then swung back over to hang onto the outside of the toilet bowl until it is next used. I found one online that is a flush-able type for around the same price, but it is no longer sold.
A wonderful investment GET ONE (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Nanny My order of two of these for my grandson arrived this week.

The second one was to be sent to his mothers for night use, but came with a defective piece, which I am sure will be replaced. I printed out one of their free potty charts and with this item had this child trained in one day.
The invention is a super idea and I was only to pleased to receive it in good time as I know this will benefit both our little boy and us with good night sleeps as well. My 2 year old loves to pee standing up and as a result, either insists on peeing standing on top of the regular potty (we try to get him to stand in a stool but he won't!)- which results in him getting pee all over the place, or, he goes and pees out in the backyard! The urinal doesn't sit securely on the stand so it falls off easily- which is obviously not what you want to have happen!
I mean, overall, not a huge issue- I don't mind rinsing pee out of it after each use- but if you don't know they've used the urinal, you'll go in there hours later to find it all set up.
Anyhow, overall, not a big hit in our house! Waste of money (Jul 25, 2012) Reviewer: Rene' This potty is too short and should cost about $5.

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