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Tell me about a situation you never thought you’d find yourself in.  Ready to play Never Will I Ever?
This post was originally published when my twin daughters were 2 and a half on my personal blog. My twin daughters, aged 2, and I flew to Oregon and back, just the three of us, and the whole process was remarkably easy. Car seats in the airplane: I never considered leaving the car seats at home or checking them, but once we got settled in our seats, I realized some benefits in addition to general safety. Lollipops: I invested in a couple of packages of ring pops and brought a couple of extra lollipops along. Rolling backpacks: I bought the girls Disney princess backpacks that they could roll through the airport. Star Kids Travel Trays: I had high hopes for these snack trays, but I only received one in time for the trip.
On the way there, M kept dropping things on the floor when she was done with them instead of handing them to me, meaning that I had to crawl on the floor in front of the seats to pick up her toys and trash.
And, just this summer our family of 6 (kids aged 7 and 2.5) traveled across the country for 23 days and hit 23 states and nearly 7,000 miles. We let our kids eat in our car as long as it’s not something completely messy, but most of the time we stop and eat on trips. If we are at a friend’s house then our big kids each have a sleeping bag with a blanket and pillow wrapped up inside.
For our long trip, I had 1 bucket in front with one day’s worth of activities and 1 bucket in back to refill the day bucket. You don’t have to have another driver…I have done a few day drives by myself with all 4 kids!
We drive the same route up to family a lot, so we know where there is a cheap pizza place we like. Backpacks-instead of my regular diaper bag, I put everything we need  the day in a good backpack–that way it can go from car to stroller to walking around Manhattan without having to juggle anything.
At one point, I had to pass a truck and it made me nervous since there was almost no shoulder, etc. I was part of a group of friends in college who loved to waste away long winter nights playing this game.
I am so fascinated by these two little people.  While learning how to navigate this big world they are having two totally different reactions to the very same situations.
The flight attendant, Laura, was an identical twin herself and has a 20-month-old and an 11-year-old.
The security folks at the airport did take the Travelmates off the car seats, but they also reattached them for me.
Since M and J are used to sitting in their car seats during our long commute, they knew exactly where to tuck their toys and sippy cups so that they would stay put.
Sucking on this candy helped little toddler ears adjust to the pressure changes of takeoff and landing, and kept both girls entertained. When the kids were in the carseats, I just slung the backpacks over the Travelmate handles.
They were given a clear admonition that stickers were not to be stuck anywhere but the pages of the notebook.

I ended up doing most of the scribbling, and the girls practiced identifying the letters I wrote out for them. For the course of the trip, however, I allowed free access to their Bees, which I think made them a lot braver and more comfortable in the airplane than they otherwise might have been. Since the last thing I wanted was an argument over unfair treatment, I didn’t pull out the one tray table I had except on one leg of the trip, when Jess was allowed to hold the laptop on her lap.
Although they usually love books, they weren’t too interested in them during our flights. By the time we headed back to Texas, she’d seen her sister praised enough for handing me her things that she realized it would be a good idea to copy her.
Still, when one of them threw a full-on lying-on-the-floor drumming-her-heels tantrum at the gate in Phoenix, I wasn’t having it.
Our kids have been on road trips more often than they have been to the movies or to the grocery store it seems like. We always have 1 adult pump the gas and buy the food, and the other takes all kids to the bathroom and changes diapers, etc.
We find that it’s worth buying the fast food especially when we can split meals between our kids.
We stopped at a gas station and my kids chose to have: a pretzel, cheese, veggie, fruit and yogurt meal. I know hotels tend to have cribs available, but a lot of the time they cost a fee, or are not really available. Our SUV does not have a built in DVD player, but we invested in a portable one with 2 screens. I had a chart in a plastic sleeve protector taped to the dash that worked as a dry erase board. They are a nice thought, but the markers are permanent and even the washable ones are hard to get out!
Yes, it is tough to drag two infant seats into a public restroom with 2 four year olds grabbing onto your back pockets, but I did it!
If they fall asleep right before you get to a hotel-it should be no big deal to just put them straight to bed. Whenever she wasn’t busy helping other passengers, she was chatting with the girls, keeping them entertained.
The Travelmates did away with need for a stroller and made it extraordinarily easy to transport the car seats through the airport, whether or not they contained children. It gave them a great measure of comfort to be sitting side by side in their familiar seats. I put a change of clothes in each backpack, as well as all the girls’ airplane activities and diapering supplies. I did insist that Bees be packed up in the girls’ backpacks when we were in airports, because if we lost one, it would be the end of the world. Mel and Jess didn’t mind, or even notice, in part because the first movie I put on was The Snowman, which has no dialogue. I think the tray table could have been very useful if the girls weren’t already accustomed to keeping themselves entertained in their car seats.
I told her that if she didn’t stop screaming and stand on her feet by the time I counted to 10, she would get a spanking.

We have traveled the 5 hours to Disneyland to and from in 1 day or 1 weekend several times, and similar distances to visit family in Ut, AZ and Ca. She installed the car seats for me, told me about her relationship with her siblings, discussed parenting philosophies with me, and was just all around wonderful. The smaller the stickers, the better, since it made it more of a challenge to peel the stickers from the sheet. The movies gave them something to do, but I think we had enough other activities that we could have done without. The airplane tray tables don’t fit flat over our Britax Marathons, so if the girls had been using open cups, some sort of tray table would have been a must. Yes, I threatened a spanking in front of at least 100 hundred travelers, and was prepared to follow through.
But most notably we took my first set of twins when they were just barely 2 across the country.
They barely watch any tv during the week, so it doesn’t bother me to have them binge watch the whole time.
That way when they fell between the cracks or onto the floor-we just scooped them up at the gas stations and said goodbye. That way you don’t have to use too much tv right before you have kids sitting in the car all day. If there is a potty emergency, stop and have them squat on the road–I know, toddlers are stubborn and I’m dreaming right?
The object isn’t necessarily to be last person standing, but rather to be the person to create the most awkward social situations. Another attendant, whose name I didn’t get, walked us all the way out to the gate to wait for our next flight. The only downside is that there is not convenient place to store the wheels and the bar they attach to when they are removed. The toddlers don’t have access to a screen though so they just get their normal stuff.
But, sometimes I’ve often saved them in the front and given it to them right at naptime. I had them pack up their lovies into the front pocket of their backpack when we arrived at the airport, and put an empty sippy cup in a side pocket of the bag. The navigator is in charge of GPS, taking care of the driver, temperature, music, and kid control. So getting home took twice as long on a one way highway through the mountains, but we got home! Front seats are trickier, but they do work especially if your toddlers are old enough to stand up. Use diaper cream as a barrier helps their little bums not hurt as much for long hours of sitting.

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