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Connie Toilet Training Washable Pad (medium) [connie] - $20.00 : Polite Paws Products, Dog and Cat Products at Great Prices - Interactive Toys, Treats, Grooming, Flea and Worming plus more!
The Conni Critters Pet Pads will soak up spills under food and water bowls and litter trays, protect the back of your car after a day at the beach and provide much needed absorbency in the transport crate during air transport.
Brilliant for toilet training puppies, under new litters and old incontinent 'friends' the Conni Critters Pet Pad is absorbent on top and completely waterproof underneath, used in vetinary clinics around Australia.

Technically advanced highly absorbent, and super-slim design, Conni Critters Pet Pads are easy to wash and dry. Machine wash and tumble dry countless times, they are cost effective, environmentally sound and very practical. If you put these in the dryer, make sure you either use a low heat setting or take them out after a few minutes.

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