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While we root for most of the kids, who are generally adorable or admirable, we can also root against some of the overinvolved parents. The child with the most exasperating parent by far is Ryan, an 11-year-old from Charlotte, N.C. It’s a safe bet on reality shows that when people deny being something, they are that thing.
The first episode’s competition, held in Los Angeles, eliminates five of the contestants. Since memorizing capital cities and being able to perform complex calculations are different types of skills, many of the kids are thrown out of their comfort zones. Trivia fans might be upset that the quiz sections are edited and we don’t get to hear every question. WELCOME: You are logged in with an Unknown Provider and can now watch all available content.
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Walter, Cabe and Happy are trapped with the crew in a top secret submarine when an explosion sends it to the bottom of the ocean with limited oxygen and a self-destruct function that will soon activate.
This video is not showing because you did not accept our terms of use for age restricted material. In reality-competition shows involving children, the villain role usually goes to the parents. Although that puts us in the uncomfortable position of also rooting against their innocent children, the show is still fun to watch. Graham, 10, from a small town in Oklahoma, can identify a hurricane by looking at a map of the path it took.
In post-game interviews, many parents say that their children simply blanked on stuff they knew. If viewers with children of their own occasionally feel superior to the parents on the show, that’s a bonus.

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Some have been certified as having an IQ in the top 10th of the top 1 percent of Americans. From a sushi challenge to a street food trio, be prepared for amazing food and some kitchen comedy! Master Chef, Mary Sue Milliken, joins to blind taste and judge the winner takes all final round. These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information.
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