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Drake is tied for last place (YAY!) and having a meltdown (YAY!)  I need him to go home so Selah can stay. Jaden (fermented food fetish, Side note I have two pots of Wildbrine and two jars of Kim Chi in my fridge so keep your cards and emails.
Oh… you being a teacher and me being a former teacher, I MIGHT try watching it again since I would have an outlet.
Hannah, last season the girl who was a co winner (I think) in the most recent spelling bee was on. I’m sure we will see nicer parents this season as well, but the producers know we watch for the horrific parenting like that tennis mom. A Happy Daycare - May Newsletters   May 5- 9, 2014  It has been an exciting week here at A Happy Daycare.
We don’t know anything about him but he feels convinced he only has 51 cards in his deck.
His mother tried to tell him to go study the deck again when he finished early and he refused saying it would just confuse him.
Her mother is a huge cunt saying basically she does not want people to know her daughter melted under the pressure.
Watched this last season and enjoyed it, mostly for the insane parents and a few charming children. My question is since some of you have seen the show from last season, are most of the parents jerks. I love Chancellor, one of those kids who skips everywhere he goes, and Claire, who’s just plain cute. Some kids who are taking college level math or who aced their ACTs could not do simple addition and subtraction, even in the pen and paper section.
I hope when this show airs, she realizes how idiotic she sounded by bringing up Drake’s tennis ability and his private schooling at every chance she had. His mother basically trashed talked him to the poor parent sitting next to him bitching about how she hires tutors and he still does things his own way. He gets 16 but was VERY nervous.  His mother unloads on a new chick how much she pays for him to learn shit and how talented he is and how she is worried about his nervousness.
It’s sounds interesting but the more I read the more it felt like I was reading a dance mom recap!
I love that they have the snarky lady giving us the play by play so he can just be the kids mentor.
There are seriously several I already would like to throat punch and I’m a nonviolent person. IQ scores of very young children are often not reliable, and can go down several points if the child is tested at a later time.
Her excessive bragging and excuses she makes for her sons poor performance also grates my nerves. I skipped my high school senior year, not exactly by choice, the counselor called me in and I expected the usual lecture on skipping class and not doing my best.
It seems to me that so many of these child geniuses flame out early, especially when they are pushed by their parents.
Their kids are geniuses obviously but does that automatically make the parents lose all common sense because of it?

And really, using the delightful Selah’s low score as leverage to get Jenna back into the game? Do you think it’s possible that some of these kids’ accomplishments are highly exaggerated for the cameras? Jenna herself noted that people always expect things of her that she isn’t actually capable of. Then the excuse making she does while the competition is going on reminds me of other parents I know.
The children decorated a special sombrero hat with pipe cleaners, pom-poms and the number of the day, five, to wear for our Music and Movement Class. But she basically said she could not take another  year  of me and shipped me off to Kennesaw  State  for joint enrollment.  Basically, if I failed my college classes I would not graduate from high school. Right now he thinks the three days he spent hanging out playing games with that nice doctor was only to help us pick a school. I also loved the boy who was getting his mom in trouble with Verizon for hacking the phone too funny. She was cheating and I was wondering when the staff member was going to interject but she forfeited so I guess it doesn’t matter. The kids may have very high IQs but they are still kids and sometimes don’t want to perform like circus animals.
Can’t say enough fantastic things about this inspirational series from the kids to their parents. Hats on and Mexican Mariachi Music playing the children were ready to pick out a maraca to practice their rhythm skills.
So of course, I continued my truancy, this time with boys and booze and just managed to squeak by. Seems some of the parents are more worried about how they will look if the child doesn’t do well than how the kid looks and feels.
Retreating to beneath a table in tears could not have been a more clear signal to everyone – “Get me out of here! Clapping their hands and shaking the maracas to the beat it was time to learn the new moves for the Mexican Hat Dance.  We placed a hat in the middle of the room and everyone gathered around in a big circle. Whatever the case, she obviously is not emotionally ready for competition such as this, and she should be left alone.
It took us awhile to get everyone moving in the same direction around the hat but soon they learned how to kick their feet, clap their hands and most importantly not step on the hat. His dad seemed genuinely pleased and delighted with his son, regardless of his performance.
Single mother from some other country they have sort of an inappropriate relationship, the sort where a single mother treats her son like a partner. I’m tempted to watch this first episode though, just so I can Amen you for judging the parents.
We welcomed Catalina back from a family vacation to Mexico and she brought us back Mexican toys called baleros that are made out of a wooden cup with a string and ball attached.
I should point out that Peachtree City is not a cheap place to live and he has a very expensive piano in the house. At Geography Time the children have been learning where the different states and countries are on our two maps.

These kids really freak out when placed in a situation where they are not the smartest kid in the room anymore. Catalina was very proud to show her friends where she visited on the world map at Geography Time. If you get the chance take the time to show your child on a map where different friends or family live. If you haven’t heard already we had a special visit from a green and white dump truck filled with a load of dirt to use in the garden. Everyone got to watch the truck dump out the dirt and the best part was when the children got to get their own hands dirty filling up the new raised garden beds. Because you can’t be a good gardener if you don’t know what plants need to grow.  So we hopped on the “Magic School Bus” and watched the episode The Magic School Bus Gets Planted. They dressed up like bean plants sticking big leaves all over each other with the help of Stage Moms Catalina and Victoria. Activities like this makes it possible to teach a complex subject like photosynthesis to the very young child in a way that they can grasp and then apply what they have learned through active play. And every little genius needs to know how to use scientific tools like magnifiers and microscopes to make things that are small appear bigger. The children used the tools to investigate mold on a strawberry, a wiggly roly-poly bug, and the Venus Fly Trap plant.
Chompy had a nice lunch of two juicy flies this week and you should have seen the children’s faces when his little mouths snapped right closed. They have already come up with some creative ideas of building with the new wheeled blocks.
These are the things we are learning during our days or you could just ask Asher who summed it up best when he woke up after nap screaming to his friends, “I love my school!”Letters and Phonics: Alphabet train letters V, W, and X.
Water Table and Sensory Play: The children have been busy exploring the concepts of volume and measurement while scooping up and transferring  water and garden soil between different containers.
The children decorated big letter W cutouts with crayons and streamers to get ready for a Wiggle Worm Music and Movement class. Then the children all formed a line, tried to hold on tight to each other, and giggled as Ralphie led the group in a wiggle worm parade. Congratulations to Catalina and Victoria for being able to write their long names all by themselves.
Each day the children are excited to run into the garden to watch the progress of their growing garden. At Science time we are reading about the life cycle of a bean plant and the best part is the children get to march right into their garden, bend down close, investigate the seeds popping out of the soil, and watch the story come to life right before their eyes.  Jonathan loves spinach whether it is fresh or cooked and he is slowly turning all his friends on to one of his favorite vegetables. Geography Time: We are Using our maps and songs to point out and identify the different continents and states. Water Play: We are learning about the volume and capacity of different containers through water play.

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