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It's true that Lopakhin never explicitly says that he loves Varya, but the question of whether he does or not then becomes the actor's job to answer.
The major question you have to consider when looking at it this way is: which choice will make for a more interesting performance? I *certainly* agree that playing Lopakhin like he's in love with her, but too clumsy to propose would be a lazy and uninteresting performance to watch.

I also think that the opposite extreme would be equally repellent - that he's merely playing with her emotions as a representative of the upper class that oppressed him as a child. They then chose to work with some other questions regarding Lopakhin and Ranevskaya, which brought out this terrific subtext about his possible love for her rather than Varya- and their scenes were played very much to this tune, underpinned by his inability to confess to her (this woman he loathes and adores at the same time) that he loves her.
Things You Should Know You don't have to call me Doctor.I worship at the Church of Springsteen.

Horribly painful for Varya, but acceptable for the most cynical and business-like sides of Lopakhin.

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