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What are the ramifications of a young child being sexually abused?What do you do when you are a innocent family who adopts a child who has been deeply damaged at a young age? Can a child really be capable of thoughts of murder?This terrifying and disturbing film traces Beth as she goes through therapy in her hometown Colorado.
Child of Rage explains that Beth suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder, an inability to trust and attach to others.

Her disorder is frequently caused by severe abuse or neglect.As Beth is questioned about the things she has done. The reason that she gives for doing this is, “I wanted him to die.” She also confesses to wanting her mommy and daddy to die. Beth also answers questions about physically assaulting her brother and doing sexual things to him.What increases the twisted factor to this is Beth’s lack of any real emotion about what she is discussing.

She is as laid back and nonchalant about these things as you would expect a child talking about there day at kindergarten to be.

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