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Yesterday after school I earned my dumpster diver 101 merit badge as a senior and I went through the school’s trash looking for an unmarked photo cd that had been accidentally tossed.
So, just know that you’re going to find yourself doing all kinds of things over the next 6-8 weeks. You rock teacher and often your nobility is observed and measured these last weeks when many slack off and head on summer break early. When we try to sit down, we must pull each other towards excellence as the school year ends. So, as I emerged from playing in the trash yesterday it was with a laugh and a high five and the joy at knowing that I showed love by my willingness to play in the trash.
And remember this one essential point — the magic always happens outside your comfort zone. Get an ePortfolio Sample in your inbox Love project based learning but don't know where to start? I've written two technology guidebooks for teachers: Reinventing Writing and Flattening Classrooms Engaging Minds.
You didn’t have seconds you had three weeks, the universe was created in a third of that time!

If you keep alienating people for no reason there’s gonna be no one left for it to say hello to! Your Apple stock was worth 441 million dollars while your daughter and her mother are on welfare!
If a fire causes a stampede to the unmarked exits, it’ll have been well worth it for those who survive. Tags: Complete, Dialogue, Manuscript, Official Trailer, Read Entertainment, Read Steve Jobs Official Trailer News, Read Steve Jobs Official Trailer Transcripts, Read Steven Paul Jobs Transcription, Read The Steve Jobs Official Trailer News, Saying, Script, Steve Jobs Film, Steve Jobs Movie, Steve Jobs Official Trailer Quotes, Steve Jobs Official Trailer Read, Steve Jobs Official Trailer Remarks, Steve Jobs Official Trailer Text, Steve Jobs Official Trailer Video, Steve Jobs Official Trailer Words, Steven Paul Jobs, Steven Paul Jobs Quotes, Transcripts, Videos, Webcam. The hope that if I share this little piece of myself and my own struggle, that it will encourage you. This eportfolio sample is an example of something I'm sending to my newsletter with this post.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
I am sharing this with my staff today, because this is how I feel about my group of magic makers. For the lessons we teach in our classrooms are important, but the lessons we teach with our lives are never forgotten.

For we can’t expect the world out there to know what this is like, but we should expect support, encouragement and a magnetic pull of excellence from our PLN and colleagues to finish this year in awesome ways. You accelerate until you run into a brick wall and you hope your seatbelt lets you get out of the thing intact so you can limp off to your summer.
Sign up now and I'll send you a copy of this eportfolio sample I've used with my ninth grade Computer Fundamentals course.(If you're already on my newsletter, don't worry, I'm sending this to my email list with a copy of this post.) Success! This is where the collegiality and the encouragement of other teachers really makes a difference. The first week or so of my summer is spent sipping coffee – staring into space and reading books where stuff gets blown up.

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