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Two, my little man ( yes, the sweet little guy who I talked about here ) took advantage of me trying to multitask and took off diaperless. This looks like the perfect loaf—that glaze is making me want to cry, it’s so gorgeous and glossy!!! Awww, thank you so much, Avril Your cheesecake sounds divine – I’m off to check it out! The cake looks delicious and I could totally eat the chocolate icing with a spoon (I already attempted to lick my screen).
We used a Diamond Suite Upgrade to confirm a suite at the hotel, and this made our life easier. Before leaving on our trip, we were concerned about what Hong Kong might be like with a baby. Almost every mall had exceptionally clean bathrooms, and most of them also had special rooms dedicated to baby changing and feeding. When Zachary was sleeping in his stroller, which has a great recline for a compact stroller, we were able to dine in peace and have a mostly normal adult dining experience. If you have a baby and you're living in a place with a lot of space, you might have a stroller like the Uppababy Vista. I think Hong Kong is more about experiencing the city than it is about specific sites, but that's just my opinion, and it didn't stop us from exploring. Zachary loved the gondola ride at Lantau Island as well, and we hiked up to see Big Buddha.
And while we didn't find the mid-levels escalators to be that interesting, they are stroller friendly, as they aren't stepped escalators.
We brought a large supply of diapers with us on our trip to Hong Kong, Seoul, and Honolulu. It has been about five years or so since my last trip to China, and while the consumerism culture was alive and well then, it's even more of a thing now. My previous paragraph was a bit critical toward Hong Kong culture, but honestly this is a small critique. We were very excited to leave Hong Kong for Seoul, but we were also sad, not knowing when we would have the chance to come back and visit again.
As your son starts eating solid food, you are going to have an even better time traveling with him.
By chance he went straight to my computer and proceeded  to potty train on the tower which happens to sit at target height. This is one of those stories that you will tell his wife someday because it’s just so unbelievable!
But maybe just maybe it will make for a hilarious story when your little one is all grown up?!

We had to make some changes to our traveling style, but we still had an absolute blast, saw some sites, and ate plenty of awesome food!
We were always able to find elevators (lifts) to take us up and down floors, which kept us from having to carry the stroller up and down stairs or use escalators too much. I opted to not write a full blog post about the hotel room and the experience, but it was a great hotel in a great location with a great room. They gave us a pack 'n play for the baby, and the suite had multiple areas that we could close doors and section portions off.
We went to Hong Kong Island via MTR our fair share, but in terms of just hanging out, finding some local food, and enjoying the malls, Tsim Sha Tsui was a total blast. We knocked down four dim sum restaurants in five days: Tim Ho Wan, Hello Kitty Dim Sum, Paradise Dynasty, and Din Tai Fung.
When he was awake, we learned the "new normal" for us, and while it isn't the same as having a nice dinner together, we made it work. We weren't sure if we would be able to find diapers in Asia, as it was tough to find a lot of information on that online, while we were able to find plenty of articles about diaperless potty training in China. If it makes you feel any better, I’m still using my old, old, old phone after dropping my iPhone in the harbor in Sitka, Alaska. So glad you could share this gorgeous, decadent cake…I can only imagine the deliciousness!
I have to try that cocoa glaze; there are never enough chocolate recipes to add to my list! For anyone else who might be ambititious enough to travel here with their little one, I thought I would put together a quick summary of what we found worked for us. If you're used to mediocre subways in a variety of cities, clear your brain when it comes to the Hong Kong MTR.
When you arrive at the airport, you can buy a round-trip Airport Express ticket that includes unlimited MTR rides for three days.
The hotel has a nice lounge that we utilized for what I would call a "Continental Plus" breakfast.
We had great metro access, nearby museums, and fun local neighborhoods like Mong Kok to explore.
We would just pass the baby back and forth, entertaining him as needed, and we realized by our final meal at Din Tai Fung that this was actually just fine.
It's a pretty great stroller, provided that you're not needing to pack it into tight spaces or round tight corners. We were able to navigate our stroller to a remote corner of the packed Hello Kitty restaurant just fine. That being said, coming down you either need to walk the stairs or meander through the streets on the way down.

The hotel staff, random people on the MTR, restaurant employees, etc - Hong Kong is very baby friendly. This month I joined Roxana’s Chocolate Party and today is our reveal day for the month of October.
The word "subway" in Hong Kong is used in reference to tunnels that cross intersections underground.
Here at the Hyatt, we had a similar situation where he slept with double doors between us, giving both he and us the feeling that we were sleeping in separate rooms.
Granted, they were significantly more expensive, about double the price, so we didn't regret packing our own supply, and I would recommend that other families do the same, but if you need some diapers in a pinch while you're there, you'll be able to find them!
I never thought I'd be able to utter the words, "I think I've had enough perfect dumplings," but after five days, I said it :-). It took us five days to figure out a rhythm for eating out with the baby, but we made it happen! The pumpkin and pumpkin spice flavor comes through and together they please your taste buds with delight. Well… this cake is amazing… your marbling is exquisite and the pictures perfect as well!! Unlike a New York subway station that might end up being a summer sweat box, all of the MTR stops and trains are very well air conditioned.
Sure there's plenty of great street food and small hole in the wall places that we sampled, but culture seems to more and more focus around malls. Happy Monday my friend… I hope there is no more frying in your house other than in the kitchen. We did use the lounge as a dinner replacement one night when we were pretty exhausted and the baby was sleeping. Additionally, if you think we have a problem with people having their heads down in smartphones here in the USA, you need to see Hong Kong. In addition to all of that, it's extremely accessible for people in wheel chairs or people with strollers.
I literally cannot count the number of people who crashed into our stroller because they had their heads down in their phones.
When we happened to walk by a Hello Kitty Dim Sum spot, Katy pretty quickly made room on our calendar for it the next day!

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