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For many homeowners, one of the most distasteful, yet necessary tasks you may need to perform is to unclog a toilet. Homemade Unclog Recipe: Wait till the water level in the bowl is fairly low then measure 5 tablespoons of common dish soap into the clogged toilet bowl. If you want the best way to unclog a toilet, try the soapy water as it has a 90% success rate. I have sent you an email with regards to advertising on your site, I am hoping that you have read it. I would like to follow-up on my first email since I haven’t received a response yet and it would be nice to hear anything from you. I am so frustrated, kid clogged the toilet been trying to unclog for hours, I am going to try this home remedy out right now. Shut off water supply before the last flush and unsuccessful plunge and then pour a half bottle of Drano Gel in the bowl with a bit of warm water to get it down to where it can do its work. The blog about unclogging the toliet with dishsoap and boiling hot water saved me calling a plumber. This lovely colorful plastic toilet is also an iPad stand, and that means you can now finally potty train a child (or yourself, no judgment here!) with the help of a convenient iPad-toilet combo. So I have a 2-year-old that is currently potty training, and there is no way this would help. I’d buy an ADULT version of this if I could also download an app to flush the toilet for me.
Whether you are adding a new bathroom in your home or renovating an existing one, you want to be certain that you install the best toilet available on the market.
Purchasing the best toilet is easy when you know the history of the products you are looking at. Aside from pure quality, another seldom considered feature of the best toilet is ease of installation. Ensuring that you are installing the best toilet available on the market is simple when you choose a Gerber toilet.
The Most Expensive Toilets If money was no object, what would be the best way to throw money down the drain.
World’s most expensive toilet What more do you need, when doing your business, than your standard lavatory offers?
What may just be the most expensive toilet ever built isn’t the world’s most expensive toilet.
Toilet Paper is definitely one of those items that all people need to buy.  People like myself who coupon-shop especially like to grab this item when it reaches  stockpile prices. I created a spreadsheet you can view that shows regular price, square footage, thickness (or ply), the price per sq foot, and price per roll.  Feel free to print this out and add it to your coupon binder or coupon box as a reference guide. There are two tabs at the bottom, make sure and check each tab as there is useful information there as well. What I found out was that to determine the best price on Toilet paper we needed to figure out the Price per Square foot per package. The #1 Winner for best price  per square foot was for Simply Value brand toilet paper at Cash n Carry. Does Softness Matter to you?  There is definitely a difference when it comes to softness in toilet paper, so if you like it soft I figured out the best prices on the 2-Ply and 3-Ply types. Here are the best value prices graphs in 2-Ply and 3-Ply toilet paper brands (this is for people who really value the softness in toilet paper, a little more than lowest prices. More on Softness –  I tested each one of these toilet paper brands shown below to determine the softness. So the bottom line is this – softness comes with a price and only you can determine what you willing to pay. I would like to have 6 months of toilet paper on hand at all times trying to figure out the cheapest way to get and maintain this.
Honestly, I have to say, I’m thinking about buying some Angel Soft to have on hand for when company comes. Great Idea, I considered getting the prices for paper towels while I was getting the prices for tp, but my computer was runnin out of battery juice quickly so I said I will compile that next time.
I thought I was getting a good deal at FM with 12 double rolls for $3.99, but when I looked at the packages. Having a toilet on your allotment site can be invaluable and makes being 'caught short' a thing of the past.
The composting toilet is a cheap alternative when mains toilets are not an option and when looked after and maintained properly can provide an environmentally friendly and odour free option.  They work by turning human waste into an organic composting material which can safely be used to fertilise the soil, this happens using biological processes.
There are different types of toilet available and they can be built from scratch with some help from a few dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.
The next stage would be to place the floor of your toilet over the chambers making sure it is of strong sturdy construction you can then build the toilet block on top of this.
For the seating area inside the toilet you can use thick ply, planed, sanded and varnished with two holes cut to the size of the toilet seats.  You may also need some heavy duty plastic tubing attached to the underside of the hole to direct the waste into the chambers below. The two chambers are used alternately with rotting down continuing in the full one.  This is emptied just before the other chamber becomes full.
Helpful tipsSite your composting toilet as far away from food growing areas possible.  An overgrown unused patch of ground or abandoned allotment is ideal. Make sure people close the loo seat after use as this prevents infestations of flies.  Provide clear information and instructions on how the toilet works and how to use it. FUNDINGThis type of project would be eligible for grant funding and there are many organisations that could help.  Local councils often offer grants for local projects so it is worth getting in touch. Big Lottery Fund - Changing SpacesFund community groups who want to improve local green spaces such as play areas, community gardens, parks, wildlife areas and village greens, kick-about areas and pathway improvements. Co-op Community DividendSupports local voluntary community and self-help groups by the provision of equipment.
An application form is available from Community Dividend, New Century House, Manchester, M60 4ES.
Face it; we all know that at one time or another, something happens to clog that most necessary item in any house. One tip to unclog a toilet includes a special recipe that may help to clear up the matter before it causes trouble.

Its natural design is made specifically for toilets and won’t cause irreparable damage or breakage.
99% of the time, Liquid Lightning is the best way to unclog a toilet that won’t budge with the boiling water method.
If you don’t want to hear from me again please just reply with “Remove” or something similar, and I’ll mark you as “not interested” and won’t bother you again. Thank u so much for sharing the “dish detergent and hot water” method of unclogging a toilet! About to try the dish detergent method and REALLY hope it works cuz my hands are killing me from all the plunging!
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My toddler has been addicted to the iPad for months and already has her own (the hand-me-down iPad 1) which sits in a Fisher-Price protection cover.
Gerber Toilets fit that bill for many reasons, including reliability, and have done so for many years. When you compare costs in bathroom appliances, you want to know that you are getting the best flushing toilet for your money. Gerber is one of the oldest companies still in operation today, that consistently produces the best toilets that can be purchased anywhere in the country. Not many people enjoy the expense of having to hire a plumbing company to come to their home and install a toilet.
Most homeowners already know that if you happen to purchase a substandard toilet seat, it will need to be replaced many, many times. In addition, many homeowners are looking for modern toilets that have the low flush option in order to conserve water.
Once you purchase and install the best toilet, you do not have to worry about replacement for your lifetime, and probably not the lifetime of the home. I guess that if you want to spend money on a toilet you might as well get the best money can by. Toto’s most expensive toilet, the Neorest 600, has a wide range of features to answer that question. The company had the toilet made when gold was merely $200 per ounce and planned to melt it down if gold ever reached $1,000 per ounce. The Simply Value brand 20 Rolls package runs $13.47 and has 2055 total square feet of toilet paper. At Walmart and Target the price per square foot were also .007 per square foot, just slightly on the higher side of it. I just love the best value price so much, and how long each roll lasts.  I hope my research and spreadsheet help you out!
I could you know, I bought a LOT of toilet paper for this testing process… (Oh and thanks for letting me know.
The most popular toilet is built from timber and raised off the ground with a chamber underneath to collect the waste, you could use a good sized garden shed to house the toilet.  A good way is to have two chambers next to each other, when one is full it can be closed off and left to rot down and you then switch over to the other. Some types of compost toilet catch the waste in movable containers whilst others generate the compost more slowly.  Some compost toilets combine the urine and faeces whilst others separate them. When the chamber is full the lid should be shut down securely and users made aware that the other chamber is now in use.
The bacteria needed for this process are found almost everywhere that there is organic matter and will get to work almost immediately so it is essential to add plenty of the covering material to the waste to help speed this process along. These types of toilet are not ideal if the ground water level is high as it can lead to contamination.REED BEDSThese are artificially created wetlands that are planted with reeds. Try to build the loo on level ground and not where the area is prone to flooding or standing water.  Make sure you don't need planning by checking with the council and that you have the approval of surrounding plot holders and householders before sighting your toilet and try to screen it off to make it less conspicuous and more private for users. There should be enough cover material inside the toilet at all times to completely eliminate unpleasant odours. Projects must have a charitable purpose and be concerned with the environment, protection of heritage sites or promoting racial harmony. The kids have stuffed their washrag down it, too many tissues or even an entire roll of toilet paper has found its way inside the drain, but not out the other end. Don’t use a hand auger, more commonly known as a snake, on your toilet, as you may shatter the porcelain.
A closed auger is extremely simple to use and consists of inserting the padded end into the toilet drain. This concentrated sulfuric acid will dissolve plastic army men, women’s hygiene products, 75 year old caked on doody and any alien life forms that have made your toilet bowl their new home.
I had plunged until my hands were red and hurting even though I was using a wash cloth to hold it. It has become more important than ever now to find the best flushing toilet to make sure residue doesn’t build-up in the bowl, requiring frequent cleanings.
You can always purchase a lower cost bathroom equipment, but you definitely will not be getting the same quality as if you had purchased a quality product the first time around. The fact is that you do not have to hire a plumber for the installation of these products, which will save you the cost of the installation because this product is extremely simple to install yourself with straightforward step by step instructions.
Finding a suitable replacement seat is a lot more difficult than it sounds, because not all toilet seats are created equal.
Gerber has the best flushing toilet in a low flush option with the two button push feature on the tank allowing you to select very low flush or more water volume for larger jobs.
When the price of gold neared the $1,000 mark in early 2008, however, the company stated that they would not have it melted down. The toilet system NASA had built by Russia was delivered to the international Space Station in November 2008. I had it right when I first posted it this morning, and then for some reason I though…oh no, I think I added one too many zeros to that so I removed them. Compost made from a mixture of both is generally better but is more likely to smell if not treated properly and requires larger quantities of the covering materials (straw, sawdust etc). The reed beds are designed so that liquid flows through the bed where the roots are and not over the top and the waste is turned into clean groundwater. I tried the dish detergent method and I ended up having to put 3 pots of water down but after each pot the water was draining faster.

There are literally thousands of toddler-friendly apps – interactive books, counting, drawing etc. You may find a seat that you believe is top quality, but the hardware or the hinges do not seem to last. As soon as you rise from your state of the art porcelain throne, it automatically engages its Power Catalytic Air Purifier function.
One ton of the golden bathroom accessories surrounding the toilet would be melted down instead.
The system, the same as the one in place on the Russian side of the station, recycles urine into water. My Simply Value toilet paper rolls seem to last FOREVER!   While I love soft toilet paper, I love a great value even more so I will be sticking with these two choices in the future, unless I can beat that price per sq. DISCLAIMER: The content on the blog Happy Money Saver is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. You may feel some pressure as the tip of the closed auger comes into contact with whatever is clogging the toilet.
This is either the absolute worst iPad accessory ever made, or contrarily, it’s perhaps the best accessory ever made, and I suppose your opinion of that is going to depend entirely on whether or not you 1) have kids that are being trained to use a toilet, and 2) your opinion of potential doo-doo butter being on or around the vicinity of an iPad. After selecting several more seats, you cannot seem to find one that is comfortable or aesthetically pleasing.
By installing a low flush option toilet, you can save money on your water bills by using the lower flush selection most of the time. Six seconds after you’re out of range of the toilet’s sensor zone, it will automatically flush and close both the lid and the seat. Le Bon Roi Dagobert” plays when lid is raised a song about a king who arrived at the ministers council with his trousers on backwards.
My next vote for softness was the Costco’s Kirkland brand, followed by Charmin, and then Angel Soft. I am not a medical professional and the information contained on this blog should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or health illness. A simple rainwater collection system can be sited on top of or next to the toilet and connected to a sink with a tap. As you turn the crank, slowly pull the auger from the drain and you may be able to pull the object out that way.
The rapid movement of the water will help to clean the bowl, but only right up to the water line.
Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional before acting on any information presented here. However if this land is available the system can work well as the beds are cheap to install and efficient to run.
That means a good flushing toilet must also have a consistent level of water to be beneficial to a home.The best toilet will also have a large glazed trapway so that waste can easily pass through the toilet. A button-press can open, close or warm the seat, change the water temperature, perform a powerful “Cyclone flush” instead of the automatic light flush or control the Washlet functions you’ll use to tidy yourself up after using the expensive toilet. 12? rough-in Click here to download spec sheet (Adobe Acrobat Format) Manufacturer 1-Year limited warranty.
The waste from the sink can empty into a recycled water tank outside and can be used to water crops. Some toilets can flush with less than 1 gallon of water today, which means you could save about $100 per year on the average water bill!
The best are chrome plated to give the lever an extra level of durability.The best flushing toilet also provides a comfortable experience to people of all shapes and sizes.
Some bathrooms may benefit from an elongated toilet bowl, while others may prefer the rounded toilet. Either way, look for quality components in the design so that you get the best toilet possible.What Are Some of the Common Problems With the Modern Toilet?Flushing is a fundamental component of the waste disposal process, so compromising on this feature of a toilet isn’t a great idea!
The biggest problem is having waste or toilet paper land above the water line of the toilet. Although most trapways are 2 inches in size, the modern toilet can’t always break up the waste to a small enough size to accommodate the trapway. Look for toilets that have a liner within the tank portion of the toilet to remove this issue. Some toilets don’t have tanks, which makes it a moot point!How Do You Find the Best Flushing Toilet?The first stop on your journey should be at our comprehensive reviews. We take a fact-based look at the flushing process so that you’ll be able to see the toilets that work and the ones that need some help. A 4 inch valve, for example, will drop water into the bowl at twice the speed of a standard 2 inch valve. The standard rough-in, or the measurement from the waste outlet to the baseboard of the wall, is 12 inches today. Higher toilets tend to be a little more difficult to install simply because there is more mass to them. Advanced models can be above $1,000, but you’ll get automatic features and potentially heated toilet seats for that price. It can be rotated a full 360 degrees to accommodate virtually any installation arrangement and the best part is that this toilet is completely electric.Click here to compare prices on Amazon and get the best deal on the Saniflo SaniCompact 48TOTO Supreme One Piece Toilet The primary feature that we loved about this specific toilet is the power gravity flushing mechanism that is included with it. The bowl on this toilet has a fully glazed trapway so that movement through the toilet is as effortless as it can be.It also resists residue and stain buildup deep within the toilet that can often result in bad odors emanating from this bathroom fixture. With the three inch flushing valve, you’ll get one of the fastest and strongest flushes you can get on the market today at this price point and with this level of water usage.Click here to compare prices on Amazon and get the best deal on the Danze Orrington One Piece ToiletAmerican Standard Town Square Toilet Do you want a toilet that will give your bathroom a stately appearance?
Overall it will provide you with a strong, elegant experience every time!Click here to compare prices on Amazon and get the best deal on the American Standard Town SquareInvest into the best flushing toilet for your home today and not only will you save money by reducing your water consumption, but you’ll save yourself from a lot of double or triple flushes too.

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