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OnlineU, the leader in affordable higher education publishing, is proud to announce The 2015 Best Value Online College Rankings.
The quality of the institutions is extremely important but tuition is still factored heavily into the rankings.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. If you want to catch live concerts all year around and cool views of downtown Austin check out Geraldine?s when you are next in Austin. The rankings take a critical look at all of the online colleges who offer affordable tuition to determine which ones provide real outcomes-based results and the best overall value to their graduates. Over several months, SR Education Group independently collected data for each school, including information not readily available or uniform across all online schools. The rankings provide the most up-to-date annual tuition numbers, which required standardizing per-credit, semester, and annual rates, among other variations.

The company’s mission is to create authoritative online resources for students seeking an education program that best suits their budget and career aspirations. Among the data collected was whether or not the schools offer online student support services, a common pain point among online students. SR Education Group is passionate about making quality education attainable for everyone and believes that objective information about education, careers, and educational financing should be free and easily accessible. This year, the 2015 Best Value Online College Rankings aim to factor in the quality of the institutions, as well as a continued focus on the colleges and universities that are making an effort to keep tuition costs low. The main objective of OnlineU has always been to shift the discussion around higher education from prestige and selectivity to quality and affordability, and the 2015 Best Value Online College Rankings reinforce that mission.
The rankings span across the 12 most popular online degrees: accounting, business, computer science, counseling, education, healthcare, human resources, human services, nursing, psychology, public health, and social work.
The student reviews factored in the percent of graduates who would recommend the school to others and the percent of graduates who believe that earning their degree at that school improved their career.

Over a year ago, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported that student debt is over $1 trillion and debt has only continued to increase since then.
The rankings try to determine quality by using the proprietary review data and by factoring in regional vs national accreditation, non- vs for-profit status, and how high the student loan repayment rate was, among other details. The 2015 Best Value Online College Rankings aim to help any student who wants to save money and graduate with a valuable degree.

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