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SUNEZ:  A lot of these other journalists noted you keep your private life to yourself then said you were a firefighter. SUNEZ:  When I was in _____ they didn’t have a big catalog of actual music but they knew all the mundane shit about people. SUNEZ:  The sound is new and the aura is 90’s but often they simply say 90’s because you’re of that era. SUNEZ:   You sampled from everywhere and I definitely don’t want you to give up your crates.
SUNEZ:  When these songs were coming to you for Night’s Gambit, did they come in blocks or are you mixing different things?
KA:  Once I get the music and I get an idea I try to stay on topic as best as I can but I never know what’s coming next.
SUNEZ:  Now I’ve said that some of the deeper principles that were once in the street became lost as the money got bigger. SUNEZ:  So people say we got worse but by America’s definition of capitalism, we became better capitalists because we used all the assets. KA:  I’m not trying to hide everything but some things are just part of the Art to let people discover it over time.
SUNEZ:  Now these blocks were so hard was it really possible to ever be righteous?  Was everyone just destined to be criminal and eventually it is justifiable to lose any hold to sanity or righteousness?  Was it really possible to be righteous in any way?  Was it really an option?
SUNEZ:  Indeed, those without are often the ones who have no barrier to getting the deepest knowledge and insights.
Just make sure you constantly take him out and watch him as he goes to see if he goes potty. We have a 6 yr old dog and have crate trained from 8 weeks when we got him because we are both gone for long hours a few days a week.
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I just noticed the journalistic flaw.  I saw in another article you didn’t even confirm you were that.
That’s dope.  But I hate to say this cause it sounds so anti-Hip Hop but the Boom Bap for me—I don’t want to hear that.
I don’t want to hear those drums no more.  I do want to the listen to them until I listen to Marvin Gaye.
His album is the best album.  But if you ask them who they grew up listening to they really can’t tell you. I’m really trying to show lyrical supremacy.  Everybody talking about who’s the illest and I don’t hear my name mentioned.
Serving babies and pregnant mothers was never done.  You used to send off the pregnant crackhead.

I feel crazy for getting a puppy while we have a baby, but we wanted them to grow up together. We have crate trained both him and our 1 year old lab but it's something we started the day we brought them both home. Unfortunately for a few weeks he is going to cry in there :(When our puppy slept in his kennel for the first couple weeks at night I had to have the kennel right next to my side of the bed and if he cried I would put my finger through the kennel so he knew I was there. We feed him at 6 am and he has about thirty minutes to run and play, then he goes outside to potty, he sits at the back door until we tell him he can come in and go to his bed. We almost always have someone home (except a few hours on Saturdays) so hopefully I can get him crate trained and he will come to enjoy it. The brightly coloured cushions are a great way to add colour to your home throughout the year. Like pp mentioned, their kennel is supposed to be their safe place so never put them in there when they get in trouble. During the day it helps to give him his favorite toy to have in there and just keep giving him a treat every time he goes in it.
He has comfy blankets in his crate, on days I work he is alone until 7 pm which is when we let him outside first thing, then he eats and drinks and will usually want out in 30 minutes or so. He made that beat.  From loving that beat and knowing how that beat propelled my whole rebirth that was what I wanted to rock off. If I hear somebody give me their music I try to hear because I know when I was that dude asking people to listen to mine. I listen to those albums but I only want to hear it from those albums.  I don’t want to hear it no more. It’s crazy because I know I can’t produce for anybody.  If I find an ill, ill sample, I’m selfish. I’m not doing conceptual albums like that.  It’s very loosely based conceptual albums because I still want the freedom of being creative.
Take time to pay attention to his cues that he needs to go & every time your puppy goes potty in the house, you need to quickly grab him and run him outside.
Always praise the puppy when they go in there and you might have to give them a treat here and there if they cry in the kennel. The first couple months are really tough but once they get to 4 or 5 months they start to get easier. If pup goes in the house I always viewed it as my fault for not letting pup out in time or reading pups cues. But with some people that’s what Hip Hop is for them.  They want caricatures and pageantry but I’m just trying to give it to them as real as possible. So I never want to forget that time.  But as soon as I pop it in and hear that “Boom-boom-Boom Bap”—that shit turns me off. When I want to listen to some Boom Bap I’ll pop in fucking Group Home.  That’s some of the best Boom Bap ever done, know what I’m saying. We keep our lab and puppy in their kennels while we are out of the house and the puppy sleeps in his kennel at night.And what breed is your puppy??

Just remember, all the hard work you put in now will result in a happy, loving family dog when they're older!
We never potty trained inside the house, only taught him to sit at the back door if he needs to go out.
I don’t want no one to hear it until it’s on the album.  When I found “Jungle” nobody heard that.
You should give him food and water and take him out right after, then about 30 min after that. I love that I could help somebody get through some shit.  Somebody that they fuck with fuck with Ka.
Recently we have him a little more range with the baby gate and he started pottying anywhere and everywhere, so we put him back in the bathroom.Now he is chewing on things (out of bored ness or from being enclosed?) like the door frame, the bottom of the sink and the actual door.
Every time he eats or wakes go right outside and you'll be surprised how fast he asks to go.
As far as the chewing we were told to say leave it give him a toy when we caught him in the act of doing something destructive, sort of a distraction type thing.
It just all worked by divine intervention and it started to work.  I was very happy with the production on it.
Save on my disc but don’t erase!” I was like wait until they hear these songs, Sunez.  They are going to go crazy.
A dog won't use the restroom in a place they associate as their home, hence the reason he may go on the pad in the bathroom but on the floor in the kitchen.
We always get comments about how behaved our dog is and really owe it to a $100 obedience class. Some breeds do better with different training.It sounds like you're doing great so far! If u don't have him out as much as possible he will be not socialized or become timid, then u will have even more problems.
We were the ones to trail blaze it then by all means I’m happy to just add something to the Art.
How long do I let him out to run around?Sorry I have so many questions and this is so long, my parents never let me have a dog so I'm a total new dog mom at this haha. Put the training pads right beside the door when he goes to the pad- take him outside.My mom bred dogs for 20 years, trained them for 24. The second u leave him unattended he will either mess on the floor or eat something he shouldn't.

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