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Many parents potty train their little ones before a year old — and save a lot of money on diapers. Simply put, elimination communication (EC) means interpreting the verbal and physical cues your baby sends when she needs to urinate or defecate. It may be a particular facial expression, body movement or sound that clues you in to her need to eliminate. Researchers in Sweden followed 47 infants and mothers in Vietnam, where potty training begins at birth, and diapers are usually eliminated by nine months of age. Usage:We use toilet mainly for potty training or when our babies begin to show curiosity for tasks like flushing. With a son in college and a daughter in high school, she always has something to write about. From that very first disposable in the hospital nursery to the last one before underwear, you will change a lot of diapers. Many American moms have become enthusiastic about elimination communication, and feel it’s the only way to go.
Similar to the way we begin to interpret signals that our baby is hungry or tired, EC simply means paying attention to your baby and reading her elimination cues. You then take your baby to the designated potty place, which may be a small potty seat, an insert over the regular toilet seat, a small container or even a sink.

Mothers learn the cues their babies give when they need to urinate, and communicate with them using a special whistling sound.
Like so many parenting choices, this is a choice you need to make based on your family’s personal situation.
By Jolle Jolles on June 10th 2010 in Science Sloths are mostly known as rather slow-moving adorable creatures that spend their days eating leaves and sleeping. The study concluded that these Vietnamese babies emptied their bladders more effectively, making urinary tract infections less likely. He would squirm, grunt and kick his legs before a poop and would pop on and off while nursing before he peed,” she shares. Eventually all children are potty trained — we just choose different ways to get there.
However, a recent paper in the journal Mammalian Biology shows they might actually have a side to them that makes them a little less adorable. Babies in China, India, Europe and Latin America are generally potty trained much earlier than American babies. This period [is] often referred to as a potty strike and tends to be very common,” she shares on her blog.
Heymann and colleagues (2010) reported that two-toed sloths were found to have developed the charming habit of climbing into an outdoor toilet and eating its contents!

Stojan-Dolar.I think the sloths might indeed feed on human faeces because if often contains a lot of wasted nutrients. It may not even be that rare, since most dogs can be found doing ‘something’ similar (although not actually entering a toilet ?? ). However, I guess the people at the research station were probably not eating a very nutrient-rich diet, since they were living at such a remote location.Although sloths may be a little less adorable now, they have become even more fascinating because of this bizarre behaviour!
Hope you didn’t hurt yourself Joe HAHHAHAHHAHHAHA i know what they are doin in there!
Design and writings by Jolle Jolles, Zoologist at the University of Cambridge.Contact me, I love mail!
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