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I still remember my husband and I, in the very first few days of parenting, trying to figure out if a diaper was wet or dry.
There was nothing to be done other than trial by fire a€“ until baby boy put out the fire by squirting us in the face, one of many learning curves we encountered. Switching over to cloth diapers after using disposables for 2 babies and 5 months on the third has been kind of like that, right down to the wet clothes and getting personal with poop. Click HERE to get the newest eBook on cloth diapering, Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert from Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker.
That’s 25 different styles of diapers from 21 different brands, plus 4 wet bags and some detergent and wipes. Each category below will include a photo, a list of the diapers I reviewed, written notes of advantages and disadvantages to the style as a whole, and then a video showing the diapers with a quick overview of how they work and the pros and cons I found.
Please keep in mind that any diaper reactions discussed below are purely the user experience in one household, with one cloth-diapered baby. Please also note that any Amazon link is an affiliate link, and all Amazon prices are subject to change. I reviewed 9 brands of pocket style cloth diapers for a total of 10 diaper styles; 8 are shown above. Can stuff extra inserts for added absorbency or easily bulk up near the front for boys or center for girls. Added step of taking the inserts out is a hassle (and can be gross) during a diaper change. If you can’t see the embedded video, click pocket cloth diaper video reviews to see it on You Tube.
I reviewed four brands of two-piece cloth diapers, which have an insert that either lays or tucks into a waterproof cover, without stuffing into a pocket or snapping in in any way. The covers are reusable 3-5x, so you can just flip out the insert and allow the cover to dry out until the next change, then use a fresh absorbent pad a€“ this saves money because you can own fewer diapers and also can wash them less often, prolonging the life of the diaper. Easy to hang dry the covers as they air dry just about as quickly as the dryer cycle itself, prolonging their life.
This group has done marvelously as far as absorbency and avoiding leaks a€“ they’ve all leaked from time to time, but the category as a whole does better than pocket diapers as a group. Because there’s nothing holding the two pieces together, inexperienced (or just tired) baby changers often allow them to fall apart or shift when grabbing from the stack. It’s important to check around the legs and at the back to make sure all the absorbent parts are tucked in.

If you can’t see the embedded video, click two-piece cloth diaper video reviews to see it on You Tube. Covers dry quickly and are easy to pull out to line dry (since you don’t have to separate any snaps to get the cover alone). If you can’t see the embedded video, click fitted cloth diaper video reviews to see it on You Tube. Seem fairly comfortable, although these two brands couldn’t be more different in size and shape! If you can’t see the embedded video, click all-in-one (AIO) cloth diaper video reviews to see it on You Tube.
This category has such a wide variety of styles that some advantages and disadvantages only apply to somea€¦it can’t be helped!
Generally easy to take off; sometimes just one snap needs to be undone for the wash, sometimes nothing needs to be touched. Leave it to me to decide on a whim that I needed to make pants for Finn right now, in between a blog tour, family visiting, Patrick's paper writing, and my second book writing. I'm Meg McElwee - mama of three little people, sewing pattern designer, author, heart mom, creative mess-maker, and full-time purveyor of snacks. My 5 Yo Boy Still Wear Diapers At Nightime Sleep - Circle of Momslet him go without a diaper for 1 night and see how it goes. It became apparent very quickly after Harper was born that finding pants to fit over her cloth diapers was going to be a major endeavor. Even though she's only seven months old, she wears 18-month-old size bodysuits because the smaller ones are too short in the torso. I tried to make my own pattern for a gusseted pair of pants, but after reaching my frustration threshold, I took to the web. WELCOMEMy name is Lauren Dahl, and I take lots of awkward selfies around the Portland, Oregon metro area. This post includes an explanation of the 5 basic categories that I reviewed, organized by how the cloth diaper goes together. Click HERE to skip down to the individual diaper reviews if you already know all about various styles of cloth diaper. Once stuffed, the pocket diaper works much like a disposable, stays together in a diaper bag, and is very user-friendly. I gave my husband a pile to stuff (he loves testing stuff for me – not!) specifically to ask him which was easiest. They are cozy, comfy, warm, reversible, quick and easy to sew, and are designed to grow with Finn (The cuffs can be unrolled as the baby grows and the elastic can be let out.) I made four pairs with organic cotton fleece lining and Japanese print exteriors.

Something occurred to me and later that night I asked my eight year-old son if it would bother him if I made him wear diapers. During the summer, it wasn't a problem because she could just wear her diaper with nothing else. Within an hour or so (they are that easy), she had two new pairs of pants - khaki and hot pink corduroy.
The mental energy you’ll expend learning the system is pretty intensive and worthy of many pats on the back a€“ start patting and thanking these cloth diapering mamas for saving the earth, one brain cell at a time.
You’ll find quick how-to videos of each group, and the second part of the post lists individual reviews and individual cloth diaper how-to videos for all 25 diapers.
After receiving the Go Green a little late in the game, I couldn’t wait to try skipping the un-stuffing on other diapers. I asked the doctor if he thought the leaks were because I was putting the diapers on wrong. They seem to stop getting wider after about the 12-months size, and then they just get longer. It's not easy to find pants for cloth-diapered babies in stores (or even on the web), and if you do, they are crazy expensive. Since then, I've made gray corduroy, blue jeans and some fun flannel ones with a cat print and polka dots on the butt. I no longer have to worry about them bunching in the bends of her legs - possibly preventing her from sitting up comfortably.Whenever she wore store-bought pants, she looked like she had on a straight jacket from the waist down.
So I prefer two, I put up with one on some brands if it’s in the back and wide open enough, and the few that put the opening in the front, I dislike. It seems that if the pocket cloth diaper is open on both front and back (which makes stuffing easier anyway), the inserts work their way out in the wash. And those of you who have had babies in cloth diapers know that store bought pants are NOT made to cover a cloth diapered bum!
I always welcome comments, suggestions, and constructive debate, but I really don’t care to get into arguments.

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