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Elfelejtetted Pottytrezorod szamkombinaciojat?Nem akar megnyilni a kultikus Pottyos Gyujtemeny? Ne aggodj, segitunk, mert tudjuk, hogy meg a legnagyobb Pottyvadaszokkal is megesik az ilyen. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. If your toddler is skittish, you might at first have to hold her hands while she’s up on the toilet.
When not in use, two plastic locking clips can hold the child seat inside the recessed lid. Note: Two years ago I wrote about this Target seat and two others while Target was in the process of discontinuing the item. Fingers crossed that the 4 month old midget can be persuaded to the big potty when the time comes!
We have the little potty seat that nests onto the big potty, but these are way more functional. I looked everywhere for one of these in Canada, and the only one I could find was over $50.
Great idea, but for those potty training twins, plan on getting at least one stand alone because BOTH of them will want to use the potty at the same time and a potty training toddler can’t be asked to wait her turn. But, I’m excited that there are options since I almost bought the expensive Kohler one and it even looked flimsy in the picture. I found a Bemis combo toilet seat at Home Depot ($29) very similar to theTarget seat, but without clips as the child seat magnetically attaches to the lid when you close it.
OMG, i wish i knew about this before the First Years foldable potty seat we’ve been using in our main floor powder room! Potty training stands out as one of those parenting duties that comes with more questions than answers: When?
It is important to positively reinforce the things your child is doing right with some sort or reward – preferably something like stickers, trips to the park, spending quality time together, rather than candy or other edible treats. I picked three days that I knew we wouldn’t have to leave the house so that I could completely focus on Kyah. First thing when Kyah woke up in the morning, I reminded her in an excited voice that today was the day that we were going to give away all the diapers and now we were going to start potty training. First we went around and collected all the diapers we could find, on the dresser, in my purse and in the swimming bag and put them in a box to giveaway.
The rest of the morning we just did the usual things, played, read, built gingerbread houses and ate. Then it was nap time, so I explained about her special underwear for sleeping (pull-ups.) She put them on along with a pair of her princess underwear on top.
That night before bed we put a pull-up on her, a pair of underwear on top of that, to make her feel like a big girl and she went to sleep. But then my regime hit a hiccup because I had made a commitment a while back to meet some friends for dinner at 4 o’clock. I sat her on the potty before bed and then she put on her pull up and underwear and went to bed.
For the next few days, because it was the holiday season and we had lots of commitments we weren’t able to stay home all day to continue the potty training so we took the potty training on the road with us wherever we went. I packed a bag with a portable potty, wipes, a change of clothes, a pull-up and a change of potty training underwear. One great thing I used for Kyah was dresses and leg warmers, so that whenever we were indoors, I could let her be naked under her dress and she wouldn’t get cold. We continued with the same regime as the last three days, but now we let Kyah wear regular underwear (which she was very excited about) during there day.
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Ne habozz, de elotte nezd at a GYIK-et, hatha valaki mar feltette a kerdest, es mi mar meg is valaszoltuk!
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.

First your kid uses it to reach the toilet seat, then he moves it to reach the bathroom sink. My top-mounted flash (bounced off the ceiling) lit the water brighter than the rest of the bowl. I haven’t experienced that problem, but did notice the 2008 version has a redesigned, thicker clip.
You’d never store a portable plastic potty seat under your bathroom sink for a decade, right? Tell me how much you loved dumping your child’s waste products from that little plastic bowl into the toilet every day. We are moving into the potty years with Child #3, and all those tiny potties and special seat inserts get so dirty. I am now using it for daughter #2, and even though it is great for small bathrooms, it has a built-in pee shield that stabs you in the back when it is in the up position.
There is almost always a bit of pee dribbled from the toddler seat to the adult seat and in the morning the need to pee is so great there is usually a LOT of pee dribbled onto the adult seat. I purchased an adult-child combination toilet seat from Home Depot that I was impressed with. John Gleeson, a pediatrician with Esse Health’s O’Fallon Pediatrics, talked with SmartParenting about the potty training process. Gleeson: If your child is still having accidents or is losing interest in the potty process, it is not because he is unintelligent, stubborn, lazy, etc.
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It’s great and for those of you who are thinking about starting I wanted to share with you how we did it. I made sure the hubby would also be around for at least the first day or two so that he could help out if need be, especially with keeping our oldest, Keyan, busy.
Her diaper was full from the night before, so I took it off and cleaned her and told her it would be her last diaper and soon she would get to wear underwear. Kyah then wanted to wear underwear because that was something she was really excited about. Today, along with books, I also let her play some games and watch some songs on the iPad each time she sat on the potty to try.
I made sure to sit Kyah on the potty at regular intervals: first thing in the morning, after lunch, after nap time, before dinner, before  bed and right before we left the house. Her accidents were minor, just a little pee coming out if we were in the car or we took to long to her her to the potty if we were out of the house. If we are going to be out of the house, then we do get her to sit before we leave but now I’m pretty confident that she will tell us when she has to go. There was some constipation on her end but that is normal considering that it was probably stressful for Kyah at first. Kyah already wakes up a couple times a night, but now she is staying up for half an hour to two hours. A toddler-size seat nests inside the regular-size lid and is pulled down, or left down, for use. We just bought this seat for the third toilet in our home that was not yet toddler-accessible. Our daughter stores her hair supplies inside and at age 4 still uses the step to reach the bathroom sink.
As of right now, we’re still a little ways off potty training (we put her on the potty occasionally, but she doesn’t really understand the point), but that is definitely something to look into, thanks for the tip!
We are just about ready to begin potty training with our son and these may be exactly what we’re looking for. Now he only uses it for #2, since he stands to pee, but next time my sister does a Target run, I’m sending her the money to pick this up, as we still have more potty training in our future.
The child seat stays in the lid by use of a magnet, which means it is automatically put away when the lid is closed.

Was this a concern of yours, or is it no big deal, since he should wash his hands after using the toilet anyway? RSS feed is provided for personal private use, not full-text syndication on public third party sites.
If you are having problems, take a step back and take a break for a month (or more) until he shows interest in trying again. She even wakes up and calls us in the middle of the night if she needs to use the bathroom. I also mentally prepared myself for the fact that it would probably take longer than three days and that it may not even work if Kyah wasn’t ready. My plan for day 1 was no underwear at all because when they are wearing something, it feels like a diaper and then they’ll just go  in it. The morning was more successful than yesterday, we had a good pee in the potty but that was it.
If we were out or at someone else’s house, I made sure to keep going with the same routine. The reason being, she wakes up if she has to use the potty, which is fine, actually it’s great. Several years after potty training has ended, the stool will still be used to reach the bathroom sink.
It’s an ideal buy for grandparents because the seat easily removes and can be stored under the bathroom sink until your next visit. I’d show you a photo, but the linked stool is slightly different from the one we purchased two years ago.
He or she must be able to understand instructions, and must have the internal motivation to use the toilet (be a “like a big kid”). These are the most common times we have to “go” and will teach the child how to eliminate in the toilet rather in the diaper. Five days after we started, Kyah was 85% potty trained and by day ten, I’d say she was at 95%.
The positive I can take out of this is that she is good at holding it, which is necessary for potty training. I’d have to try and get more fibre and water in her tomorrow and hopefully that would help. I would also continually remind Kyah that pee and poo was for the potty and not for her underwear. Bed times have become more of a battle because she keeps coming out of bed saying that she has to pee and because she is potty training, I can’t tell her no. And if you opt for a portable seat you place over your regular toilet seat, you’ve got to hang the ugly thing on the wall, and take it down each time your kid wants to poop. Plus our downstairs (rarely used) toilet seat is cracked and I’ve been meaning to replace it.
Usually by 2 ? or 3, they will be dry during the day and be dry through the night by age 4. Some children can still have issues with nighttime accidents even into the school age or early teen years, particularly if there is a family history of that.
That 5% is for the times when she’s out or in the car and a little bit of pee comes out but then she holds it until we get her to a potty. But I reminded myself that it was just the first day and that she’d been wearing diapers for more than two years so it was going to take some time.
I would put an underwear on her and if she peed in it, then no more underwear for the rest of the day. If you are concerned, bring this topic up with your pediatrician at the next well-child check.

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