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Our final straw on holding out on potty training was the toddler would NOT keep his diaper on because he HATED wearing a dirty diaper. Oh the final sign when to start potty training – YOU are ready to get committed and get this show on the road! Technology * Parenting * Geekery Digital Mom Blog is about a tech mom and her adventures raising 4 kids. One way to address this situation is to come up with a male role model like a Dad, Uncle, an older Brother or just a friend to help your son.
You may also start training your little boy by making him understand that using the potty will make him feel better. We are currently in the midst of getting our 3 year old son Izaiah to pee on the toilet, not on the floor. When to start potty training will vary with each child, the easiest approach is to wait until the timing is right before starting. Wait until your toddler can sit calmly on the toilet before jumping to peeing in the potty. Not only is potty training a learning process for your toddler, it’s a MAJOR commitment on your part.

Prioritize your son everytime he needs your assistance and care with regard to using the toilet. Make sure there are no vacations planned and that you are available anytime to make this happen. Unlike girls, the boys need an extraordinary training but not necessarily a special attention because both little boys and girls deserve all the attention equally. You know why your son has to sit and stand on different occasions but you might wonder where and how to start training him. However, the moms can’t demonstrate or set a perfect example for them except the sitting part. Your role model should accompany the boy in the toilet and if the boy doesn’t know what to do, it is time for the adult man to demonstrate how things will go.
The potty training will make him realize that he has to observe proper way to urinate and that is accomplished by standing up and not spraying his urine all over the place. The moment you acknowledge the importance of toilet training for boys, you will absolutely achieve the toilet training and he will know how to potty all by himself. This is our third child to potty train, though admit tingly the first two were pretty much trained by their Mary Poppins baby sitter.

She is an introverted extrovert, believer in grace, all-around geek and total type-B parent. Nevertheless, your son will experience a hard time adapting the concept of potty training with you. The demonstration should show that standing up is the best way to pee and sitting down is the only way to poop. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. To avoid this mishap, mothers out there including you should consider the importance and seriousness of the subject.
Perhaps the boy will feel more comfortable this way because it is basic and a man, just like him, is guiding him.

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