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Getting your child to bed can be an uphill struggle at the best of times, but when they are going through the terrible twos, it can be an absolute nightmare. It is vital that your toddler gets enough sleep, as sleepy and overtired toddlers are one of the main reasons for tantrums during the terrible twos.
By about 18 months, your toddler will probably be down to one nap a day and this will be for about two hours (give or take). Giving your toddler a bedtime routine is very important as it means your toddler will be able to relax and will know what is coming next.
You have to remember that a bedtime schedule should happen every night, so when you decide on a routine, make sure it is one that you can stick to. Having a back up plan, such as the stay in bed technique can also really help you get your toddler to bed with no tantrums. When deciding on a routine, the first thing you need to think about is how much does your toddler sleep? As I mentioned earlier in this article, your toddler should sleep for about 14 hours a night.
After this, think about what your toddler needs and wants and want will create a calm atmosphere. If there is part of the routine that your child does not like (for example bath time), try and organise your routine so that after bath time, they get something they like (for example a cuddle and story with you).
If you have read other articles on this site, you will have seen the importance of letting your toddler feel equal. It is important to keep control at bedtime, but at the same time, your tone should be relaxed and soothing.

The main aim of the bedtime routine is to keep your toddler as relaxed and calm as possible.
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For example, if you have to go to work and drop your toddler off at day care, you need to leave enough time for you to get both yourself and your toddler ready (without the stressful, chaotic rush). So for example, when they are in the bath, tell your toddler that they have five minutes left and then they will get in their pyjamas and it will be story time. I mean, how would you like it is you had someone shouting at you before you went to bed and made you all upset, it doesna€™t make for the best nights sleep.
Eschewing that "bright lights, big bouncer" feeling for a more ergonomic, low-key approach, the Babysitter Balance is shaped like a hammock to cradle your baby naturally. And since the controls are on the back of the bouncer, you can modify the settings without disturbing your baby. The dangling toys and light-up waterfall combine to stimulate your baby's developing senses and keep him occupied when you need a break. The mamaRoo also connects to your MP3 player so you can choose your own music – or go with one of their five nature sounds.
If your newborn starts snoozing, you can recline the bouncer to a flat position, carry it with you around the house using integrated handles, and even snap it into a coordinating daybed (sold separately).

It was designed with modern parents in mind, with features like an MP3 hook-up so you can play your own tunes.
If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. When they get out of the bath, tell them they need to get into their pyjamas and then you can read a nice story. Don't worry, it plugs into the wall, so you won't need hundreds of batteries to run this seat.
Other nice features: The bouncer's seat is shallow, which means it puts less pressure on babies' sensitive abdomens, which may help minimize spitting up.
Once they are in their bed, tell them you will read them a story and then it will be time to sleep. When your baby's rubbing her eyes and is done playing with the light and music toy (included), push a button and the rocking seat converts to a baby bed with raised sides.
When used as a chair, there are three reclining positions, and the frame easily switches from a rocking to a stable position.

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