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And considering how old Leah was when she finally potty trained, I assumed Paige would be the same way.
After about 2 days of that, I didn't argue with my husband when he put diapers back on her for a couple days. On the first day, I set the timer for every 45 minutes (seemed like a reasonable time for her, you might have to start with a shorter increment), and when it rang, I took her in and set her on the potty (regular old potty, no spiffy chairs or anything) and set her on it far enough back that she can hold on in front of her - don't worry, I keep it clean! By the fifth day, I was just keeping an eye on the clock, and making sure to take her in every 90 mins-2 hours. Give up bottles at 12 months, get rid of binky at 18 months, potty trained and in a big girl bed at 2 years.

I brought in the iPad with me so I could show her a little video clip and help her be patient til she peed. I lucked out with Paige, since she had been randomly pooping in the potty for a few months. Pull-ups just add one extra step to conquer between diapers and underwear and prolong the process. But don't begin actual potty training until they are legitimately ready (waking up dry, going long stretches with a dry diaper, and are able to pee on the potty).
More recently, she has been waking up dry from naps, and keeping her diaper dry for long stretches.

At the end of the fifth day, she was starting to grab her little bum when she needed to go, and we would rush in and she would go potty just fine! All I had to do was keep an eye on her around 9-11am (her regular pooping time), and when she looked like she was starting to "strain" a bit, I would just take her in and put her on the potty to finish her business.

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