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Rusty Kerver watched Thursday as the four latest graduates of a program designed to help St. Kerver understood the pride the four were feeling — he was a member of the first Fresh Starts in Culinary Arts class. He likes working at the kitchen and “being able to keep helping folks get help like I did,” Kerver said. The four-week course is funded through community support and provided through First Coast Technical College. Professional chef Ted Kowalski “retired just in time” to take over the program originally overseen by Phil Brown, who now is at FCTC. Fresh Starts apprentices in the program stay busy, preparing breakfast for residents, then lunch for about 100 a day, followed by dinner for the 30-plus who spend the night at St.

They also learn to be creative since they never know exactly what kinds of food they’ll be getting to cook.
Kowalski said the people who do best in the program are those who want to create, who are looking for steady jobs and seeking to improve the quality of their life. Jill Miller, FCTC’s director of college advancement, oversaw bringing the program into being.
While there were no caps and gowns at Thursday’s graduation, Kowalski went one better, presenting each of the white-clad graduates with a set of very good knives. Francis House residents receive the training needed for a job in food service got their certificates. She was among guests enjoying a spread prepared by the students for their graduation ceremony at St.

Donations come from Publix, Winn-Dixie, Domino’s Pizza, Longhorn’s, Second Harvest, Mandarin Food Bank and “the generous people of St.
Helping make the program real to people, she said is a “wonderful video” put together by two filmmakers at That Moment Productions.

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