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ONE WEEK – For most children I have helped train at the end of 7 days of all cloth training with the full system they are having 50% success or more. Kay Green is a Wife, Mother of 4, Nana to 4, Business Owner, Small Business Mentor, Potty Training Teacher, and New Mom Mentor.
Kelly Wels is a leading cloth diaper expert and advocate who has a passion for helping parents make informed decisions when it comes to how they diaper their babies.
Traveling aside, the real motivation behind this concoction came about as I decided I would start potty training my daughter before she turned one. The booster-potty is just one of many ways of adapting time-tested toilet training technique to our fast-paced modernized world.
This entry was posted in Parenting Tips and tagged elimination communication, toilet training. When I feel they are ready and I have a couple weeks to set aside for this, we set up Potty Party. They may require using a timer and reminding to them to go in longer but that is worth it to me, rather than changing another 365 days of diapers. Kay owns My Precious Kid – Child Safety & Baby Gear Store in Hillsboro Oregon with over 1000 items.
Just wanted to say that after reading this blog I tried this method with my 25-month-old and it worked great! I am getting ready to by the Bjorn potty for early training purposes but I love the tray idea for keep little hands occupied and little bottoms seated! I am not really sure how it happened but do find I love the process of helping parents potty train their children.

During this season we talk about going potty, read potty books, and watch potty videos every day. She has been writing articles on child safety, parenting, building business, potty training and other unique subjects for the last 10 years.
Also be sure to sign up for my Fluffy News Mailing List to stay updated on the latest cloth diaper news, coupons and sales, and information on special giveaways. Days 1-3 were really hard and I saw little improvement of acknowledgement of understanding, but on day 4 it clicked and we stopped having accidents. It probably started when I successfully trained all 4 of my children before their 2nd birthday (including one with special needs). My mother and I have been discussing how they don’t make potty chairs with table trays anymore (I was potty trained at age 1). When they are staying dry consistently then lengthen the timer to 60 minutes, and then 90 minutes.
We think it is a diaper company conspiracy in order to keep the kids in diapers well past 2 and 3.
I simply took the time and energy to teach my children toilet skills in the same way I taught them to eat with silverware.
I simply remove the diaper and sit them on the potty when they wake, before nap, after each meal, and before bed. And then when that is success I move to sending them to the bathroom when waking, before meals, snack, activity and leaving the house. If accidents start occurring simply go back to the timer for a week or so until the accidents stop.

Or if you are thinking about potty training pants, you’re probably thinking of disposables, like Huggies Pull-Ups or Pampers Easy Ups.
I have found that by 30 days most girls can fully self control themselves, going before they need to. And I make no apologies about the fact that my system is parent led rather than child led.
Both times I committed to staying at home as much as possible to fully focus on using the potty.
I trained my children this way and have helped dozens of mothers train their children the same way.
It was just the easiest way to reduce the number of barriers between the toddler and the potty.But there were times when we were in the thick of potty training and we really had to leave the house. If it does happen, you will really, really want to put a diaper on your child and get out of the house. This is where washable  potty training pants come into play.The key quality of washable potty training pants that makes them so much better than pull-ups or other disposable training pants is that your child will feel wet if she goes in her pants.

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