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If you’re wondering how to toilet train your cat, there are a few things you should do so that your cat can successfully learn how to use the toilet.
Right on cue, as if the universe were reading my thoughts, I received an email from Rebecca Rescate, the creator of the CitiKitty toilet training kit. The CitiKitty toilet training kit includes a round plastic tray that fits inside almost any toilet seat.
Here are five tips from the experts, combined with insights I learned while toilet training my cat. Even before you begin toilet training your cat, you can get a preview of how your cat will react by moving the litter box toward the bathroom (if it’s not already there), and then next to the toilet. The CitiKitty cat toilet training kit is designed so that you remove thin concentric rings as your cat progresses. Since most litter boxes are much larger than the toilet seat insert, it’s important to clean the tray often.
You’ll also want to tape the toilet lid to the bowl so that no one accidentally closes the lid, making it impossible for your cat to do their business.
If you live in a coastal area such as California, you’ll want to know a few facts about toxoplasmosis. Cats contract the parasite by coming in contact with infected rodents, birds, etc., or contaminated feces or outdoor soil. If a cat becomes infected, they shed infectious oocysts (egg stage of the parasite) for 10 to 20 days in their entire lifetime. To read more about toxoplasmosis, check out the fact sheet published by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Disclaimer: This website is provided for information purposes only, with no claims that the training recommendations are appropriate for your particular circumstances. Dog toilet training - (litter) box, Potty training adult dogs you can teach an old dog a new trick… potty training adult dogs, the training of tinker. You start out with a bit of litter in the tray and then as your cat gets used to it, you pop out a small hole in the middle.
While it’s tempting to want to rush through things when toilet training a cat, patience is your best ally for success.
While this might sound like a lot of work, it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. Also, leave the bathroom door barely open so that your cat can feel a sense of privacy when he’s on the toilet. We assume no responsibility for consequences resulting from the use of, or in any respect, for the content of our information.
I had a new baby (the human kind) and figured if Furball learned how to use a toilet, then I wouldn’t have to worry about my baby thinking the cat box was a sandbox. When your cat gets comfortable with the hole, you remove another ring so that the hole gets bigger. Since then, I’ve always felt like I had some unfinished business when it came to kitty toilet training, so I contacted the folks at CittiKitty for their best advice on how to toilet train a cat. On the other hand, if you have a skittish cat, plan on taking extra time and giving lots of positive reinforcement. Only remove a ring when your cat has mastered the current step with no accidents for at least a week.

If you flush infected feces down the toilet, the parasite enters the water system, goes into the ocean, and harms sea otters.
Just make sure you follow these five tips so that you can save money on kitty litter, say goodbye to cleaning the cat box, and also make a cool video of your cat using the toilet, which you can share with your friends and fellow meowsters on Catster! Toilet training - american family physician, Toilet training is a developmental task that impacts families with small children. I loved that the CitiKitty was made from recycled plastic and that it also let you step back in the process if your cat needed to take things slowly. If your cat needs to move at an even slower pace, you can remove a quarter to a half ring instead of the full ring. In hindsight, I now see that this is probably the most important factor for successfully toilet training a cat. In order to make an informed decision about whether to toilet train your cat, here are a few things you should know.
Having recently potty trained my son, I’ve got to say that over-the-top praise and tasty treats work wonders.
To set your cat up for success, make sure that there are no significant changes going on in your life when you begin the potty-training process.

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