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If you're planning an outdoor event with a large crowd of people, like a festival or race, or you simply have an ongoing outdoor project, like construction, you can turn to us for the bathroom facilities you need. Porta John Potty WrapAbove is a concept we did for Rowell’s Sewer and Drain of Franklin, NH.
Back again for their second Porta Potty Wrap, Rowell’s Sewer and Drain from Franklin, NH came up with the concept, and we designed, printed and installed the wrap. Porta Potty WrapRowell’s Sewer and Drain based out of Franklin, NH hired us to wrap their Porta Potty. Have you thought about the sanitation procedures the roofer and his workers will be using throughout the day? Some roofers may want to deliver a port-a-potty to your property for the duration of the project. A thorough discussion on this topic should take place prior to the start of the project so that all expectations are laid out and an intolerable surprise can be avoided. I didn’t understand the whole secretive hotel room scene with the Pnina Tornai dress. NEW YORK – November 16, 2011 –Bravo has the hottest seat in the house for Kim Zolciak’s extravagant wedding in a new docu-series titled “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding.” It’s been just a year since the Bravo cameras captured Kim’s fortuitous meeting with Kroy Biermann, Defensive End for the Atlanta Falcons. We have already wrapped 2 of their Porta John Potties (view here), and they keep coming back for more. We wrapped this Porta Potty as a test to see if there was a market for wrapped porta potties in the area. This can be a beneficial way to assure you and your neighbors that proper sanitation measures are being attended.

It is typical that you request the roofer and his workers leave the property and visit a nearby convenience store.
It was lots of fun for me to watch because I started this blog just a week before the wedding and was shocked that people were sending me information almost from day one.
In the current season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” fans share in the couple’s most intimate moments as they move into a posh new home together and give birth to a son, KJ. With less than 2 months to plan, she enlists celebrity event planner Colin Cowie to help design a dream wedding in her brand new multi-million dollar home.
Perhaps the other half of the hour will be the Kandi Factory?  I wonder what cosmetic enhancements Kim had? Keep the guests at your next event happy with bathroom facilities that are clean and handicap accessible. I must say, it is a pleasure working with these folks, as they truly do have a sense of humor.
The rules are simple, stop by our office located at 128 Hall Street, Suite C in Concord, NH and sign up. You should give this some consideration so that you will not be caught unaware or surprised by an unappreciated act. This is not however, the way most roofers will be performing their role with the work on your property. This is a good way for all of them to be able to purchase additional water, ice and snacks.
The pressure is on as Kim rushes to find a dress, lose remaining baby weight and cosmetically enhance trouble spots.

We have also wrapped toilet seats, so if you are interested in either a Porta Potty Wrap, or a toilet seat wrap give us a call. As you can see, we can wrap just about anything, and trust us, we thought the toilet seat wrap we did was funny. To hide behind the shrubberies or even the use of vent stacks on the roof should never be tolerated.
Kim wants to recreate her wedding in five days and Shun smiles knowing this is batshit crazy. Let’s just say, Kimberleigh refused to let anyone pee in the seven bathrooms with indoor plumbing during her wedding. As someone brand new to blogging, it was hard to keep my Kims straight which is why at the last minute I was totally unsure where Kim was getting married despite having the information. She only pulled .726 ?? Is it because you are addicted to Scandal on ABC like me?  Congrats Kim! With the date quickly approaching, problems mount– her invitation is leaked to the press and her mother refuses to attend the wedding. The reason this is being disclosed here is because other homeowners have been unpleasantly surprised in the past. Kim wants to be on Dancing with the Stars yet can’t dance even a little bit around when Shun tries to teach her a basic step together step thing.

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