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Cast : Emma Roberts, Nick Pettyfer, Natasha Richardson, Aidan Quinn, Juno Temple, Georgia King, Kimberly Nixon, Johnny Pacar, Shirley Henderson, Lexi Ainsworth, Nick Frost. Synopsis: A young Malibu girl is sent to boarding school in England to learn how to behave, after causing her father no end of frustration at her wild, rebellious ways. Poppy Moore, a rebellious, fashion loving teenager from Malibu, makes such a hash of her life through being a bitch that her father send her school in an upper-class English college for girls. Wild Child is the cinematic equivalent of having your genitals torn off in an industrial accident. The film opens with Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) destroying her father’s girlfriends property, a woman we actually never meet, before enduring his wrath when he returns home to find his house in disarray. The main problem with Wild Child, among the many I could list, is that the story isn’t very well developed. Normally detesting these kinds of bios, Rodney’s keen love of film more often outclasses his ability to write convincingly about them. Never blessed with a body worthy of a porn star, nor being the heir to a wealthy industrialists fortune, nor suffering the tragedy of having his parents murdered outside a Gotham theater, Rodney is, contrary to popular opinion, neither Ron Jeremy, JD Rockefeller, or Batman.
As a serious appreciator of film since 1996, Rodney’s love affair with the medium has continued with his online blog, Fernby Films, a facility allowing him to communicate with fellow cineasts in their mutual love of all things movie. This is the most awful review I've never heard the reviewer is probably adult and obviously this movie is meant for teens who understand it a bit more than your stupid reviewer. Sometimes cinema gives us greatness; The Ten Commandments, Gladiator, American Beauty, Valami Amerkai, Groundhog Day. Luke, Annie & Nick get around the kitchen table and try to figure what Wild Child is all about. A rebellious Malibu princess is shipped off to a strict English boarding school by her father. She made her name as a queen of the tween comedies in films Nancy Drew, Wild Child and Hotel For Dogs, and starring in Nickelodeon series Unfabulous.And now Julia Roberts' niece is graduating to more adult roles. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Some truly awful dialogue, mixed with half-baked concepts and character arcs, leave Wild Child as appealing as a cavity search. Devoid of any film-making talent whatsoever, Wild Child represents the nadir of teen based chic modern comedy, an update on the Clueless model that gave vacuous girls and their fashion sense more of a platform than ever in Hollywood.

Without access to life’s luxuries, such an email and mobile phones, Poppy tries to get herself expelled by getting involved with the headmasters handsome young son. It’s a film so lacking in cohesion and structured narrative, it beggars belief that a major film studio could release it in the blaze of publicity it did.
We’re not even five minutes into the film before the plot development occurs, never giving us a moment to see any bond between Poppy and her father. Even a film like this, with its obvious pandering to the pre-teen market, should be at least watchable as an entertainment. It shows that teens who like this movie will accept any rationalization of a truly bad person's behaviour as long she is viewed as popular.
Other times they give us Transformers, and then occasionally the stars align and films like this are born. Remember five star reviews on the iTunes store help us make more podcasts so click here to leave some support. At last week's Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, the 19-year-old turned heads in a daring purple gown that had a plunging neckline. We hung out a lot,' she told Foam magazine in July.Emma, who starred alongside Julia in ensemble comedy Valentine's Day earlier this year, is the daughter of Juliaa€™s older brother Eric, also an actor.Do you have a story about a celebrity? With a plot that could be written on the back of a postage stamp, characters so utterly lacking in actual character it’s like watching plastic mannequins come to life, Wild Child is so utterly un-compelling as a film I feel cheated to have wasted 90 minutes of my life. Along the way, she makes enemies with the head prefect of the school, a snooty girl with a very large chip on her shoulder. Characters behave in such unbelievable ways there’s no way this film could resemble even the most fantastical reality, even on a cinematic level. Poor Natasha Richardson, slumming it here as the schools headmaster, is left with little to do but look maternal and stern, her dialogue about at original as Tupperware. Poppy’s back-story, the key ingredient to make us like her, or even simply empathise with her plight, seems to have been left out of the film entirely.
Alex Pettyfer, as resident spunk Freddie, manages to sex it up as the object of the girls’ lust, although his role is superficial and nonsensical at best. The characters lack motivation, their acts simply allowing the story (such as it is) to more forward without too much effort on our part.
Characters are wooden, cliched and generic, with the Not Another Teen Movie styled template for hackneyed creativity taking the place of actual inventiveness.

Garish, poorly conceived, and executed in a poor-man’s movie of the week style, Wild Child is as flat as last weeks roadkill.
Poppy just comes off as a stupid American, reviled by her UK school peers and scorned by those she tries to get close to. But even this lacks impetus, resulting in a wafer thin story wrapped around a series of intellectually vapid set-pieces. It’s like they wrote the script from a fill-in-the-blanks Word template on scriptwriting.
We never find out what he does or what he’s for other than simply being a conveniently-placed love interest. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. Seeing a bunch of teenage girls re-enact the Haka makes you feel like someone has violated your eyeballs, but thankfully this takes place at the end of the film. It will pass the time away in a jiffer and is mostly sugarcoated goodness with a drizzle of LA attitude.
I didn’t get the whole Freddie thing either and don’t remember him saying anything about going back to school, or the the like! It was just a good old fluffy teen flick that did all the things that teen flicks are meant to do. I was literally wanting to lobotomise myself during the Haka scene as I did as you put it felt my eyeballs were well and truly violated. The haka scene was just an embarrassment.Leave a comment Notify me of follow-up comments by email. With writers who specialise in films, games, theatre and more, we've probably got what you're looking for.If you want to join the team, or are interested in advertising, then please get in touch. Login Critic Reviews for Silk n' Sabotage (Wild Child 2) There are no critic reviews yet for Silk n' Sabotage (Wild Child 2).

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