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The thing I love about this particular kitchen is that, apart from the fact that is really cute and really easy to put together, it is so multifunctional. Wooden Oven with Stove Cook Top is a beautifully made piece of kitchen toy furniture which will add a huge amount of fun to any culinary roleplaying. Your little ones kitchen will now have an oven with opening door, sliding shelf and rotating heat control knobs. Please note that your name, address and email details will NEVER be passed to any third party. Any email sent to you will include the option to unsubscribe from our list, in which case you will receive no further communications from us. Play Kitchen Islandproduct code: 32012Fantastic 360Es play kitchen made from solid European sourced wood. Pine Play Kitchen Completeproduct code: 32075Our wooden play kitchen combines sink, hot plates and oven in one! Pine Play Kitchen Base Unitproduct code: 32007Our very popular pine play kitchen can be purchased in two parts.
Completeproduct code: 32038A new version of our best selling Play Kitchen made in solid alder wood.

Alder Wood Play Kitchen Baseproduct code: 32078Our very popular alder wood play kitchen can be purchased in two parts. Alder Wood Play Kitchen Shelf Unitproduct code: 32079Our very popular alder wood play kitchen can be purchased in two parts.
Alder Wood Kitchen Cupboardproduct code: 32084Alder wood kitchen cupboard with openable door and drawable drawer.
Alder Wood Cookerproduct code: 32085Alder wood cooker with plexiglass oven window, matches our other Alder wood kitchen items. Alder Wood Washing Machineproduct code: 32083Alder wood washing machine with whirling enamel washing cylinder. Exotic Fruit Crateproduct code: 32044Bananas, lemon, half kiwi, pineapple and 2 oranges in a crate. Fruit Crateproduct code: 32045Grapes, apple, pear, strawberry, twin cherry and 2 plums in a crate. Vegetable Crateproduct code: 32046Tomato, carrot, cucumber, onion, pepper, asparagus, turnip and radish. Baker's Crateproduct code: 32047Bretzel, croissant, loaf, baguette and a slice of bread in a wooden crate.

Large Play Pebblesproduct code: 32064Three large play pebbles made from maple, alder and fumed oak wood. My girls love cooking and playing… so their number one favourite toy must be their Momoll toy kitchen.
If you turn it around it becomes a puppet theatre, which again is a source of hours of fun and entertainment. The amount of cups of coffee,  cups of tea, cakes and sandwiches that have been produced out of this kitchen are innumerable.
Crafted from wood and finished in pastel colors, the Coffee Maker set includes 2 mugs, a sugar bowl with lid, a milk carton, and a t-spoon. Our wide selection of play foods, including different ethnic foods makes playing kitchen even more realistic.

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