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This brass bar hinge set is ideal for replacing old, dis-coloured or broken hinges on your existing wooden seat. The delivery timescale of an order is dependent on the size of the largest item in the order, relating to the guide above.We strongly advise that you do not book plumbers until your goods have arrived and have been checked, we are not liable for any plumbers costs, consequential loss or compensation in any way. I'm sorry but we couldn't make any guarantees of it fitting here, especially with two seats and a toilet seat lid on the Next Step toilet seats. For further information on our returns process, please check out our Returns Information Page. Toilet seat lids were becoming increasingly popular and in 1975, the new owner and designers of the company produced the revolutionary Pressalit Scandinavia.
Throughout the next few decades until the modern day, new toilet seat lids would be developed that would both inspire and confound.

We keep a small stock of toilet seats due to it being more cost efficient to make several seat and covers while the machines are setup.
This timber was machined for a customer order, however, with the extreme light and dark colours of the timber, it was decided to make it into a stock toilet seat for a customer who may like the colours. Write your name, address and email address on the template and post it to us (address at bottom of page) after payment has been made. Use if you do not have the original toilet seat or if you are not happy with how your existing toilet seat fits on your toilet pan. They are supplied with two fixing bolts, and seat rubbers that can be positioned to fit the pan. If yes, can this hinge set be supplied with the seat instead of the chrome plated version ? It was to become a classic and is the toilet lid you commonly now see in a great majority of home bathrooms.

This timeline has now led to the creation of these quirky designer toilet lids in a range of fashions. Prmium grade wood both beauty and durability, all raw material kiln dried to insure stable character. By 1966, the growing company had produced its first designer toilet seat, the Pressalit Comfort. The solid wood toilet seats high grade than other material products, they are beautiful in appearance and comfortable in use, match or exceed housing decoration.

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