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Do you know Disney Collector has over 3 billion views and is currently the 3rd most viewed YouTube channel? My 3 year old is also in love with those channels but I just banned them since she started asking me to buy all the toys she was seeing.
I believe, if an old buzzfeed article I read a few months ago is correct, DC and DCT are MARRIED… as in to each other. You know, the YouTube videos your toddler will watch for five hours at a time while some faceless Russian lady opens mystery eggs and explains princess accessories in excruciating detail while talking verrrrrrry sloooooooooooowly? I had to disable youtube, safari and google from the ipad so she wouldn’t watch these channels anymore.

If you can’t tell the difference in accents you may want to be more diverse in your worldviews.
Last comment especially about COOKIE SWIRL C (eeee!) … found this thread after being exposed to that saccharine speedy sweetness.
Creative Skirt reserves the right to use all submitted photos, posts, and comments anonymously, in any medium. Second, she is making way more money doing youtube videos than she ever made making the videos she used to make. That being said, she is my go-to when I need 45 minutes of silence to get dinner on the table.

I personally feel her past has zero bearing on what she does now, since kids absolutely love her.

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