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Traditional tattoos like anchor tattoos for girls have become a popular request at Tattoo Shops. Sailors have earned an anchor tattoo once they have successfully crossed the Atlantic ocean which was a dangerous and often tragic undertaking.
There are large variations on the anchor tattoo.   As mentioned above, cute small symbols are a popular choice.

An anchor has an eye catching curvaceous shape and is easily interpreted into different designs and tattoo pieces.  Adding some flowers, hearts, and beautiful colors make them a fun and playful choice. The use of shadow and light colors can give the anchor a 3D effect, which will stand apart from the old school tattoo designs of two color and bold lined styles. Tattoo Artists include 3 excellent residents and over 40 national and international guest tattoo artists.

Anchor tattoos also make a cute small traditional tattoos, they have been spotted on fingers, feet, necks, and wrists.

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