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Where Ambigrams Where First SeenWho invented this "mirror image" ART FORM?Ambigrams are an art form based on wordplay where by 1 word becomes another word or reads the same word when inverted and looked at in a different way.
Ambigram Creator Free Online Software - Find your free software belowAmbigrams make fantastic tattoos and are also a good way to personalise things like cups, t-shirts cell-phone covers and such items. Ambigram Generator at Wow TattoosCreate your own Ambigram Tattoo Designs by inserting your own words and phrases. Books About AmbigramIf you are an artist who want to understand how the ambigram art form works then these are the books for you.

Ambigram Door-MatWhat will your guests think of the Typographical Doormat that reads 2 DIFFERENT WORDS when looked at upside-down This is why I love this Art form, it`s a play on words that can be fun if done correctly. They have long been an interesting mysterious art-form with people wondering where they came from and who started it all.The First Known Ambigram Was In A Childrens BookIn 1893 an artist Peter Newell, (who was known as an illustrator for childrens books) created an inverted image that became another picture when viewed upside-down. An ambigram creator software will help anyone create great looking ambigrams with any words you choose, pick one or two words.Some software do not allow you to copy so please don`t be frustrated if you can't print it out, just look for another that allows this function as some request you to buy the print or buy the ambigram printed on an item. They explain in fine detail everything you need to know about this ancient art form.This art type is very popular around the world lately and have become very common to see as tattoos with many people choosing this style for their name and personal tattoos.

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