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Chinese Calligraphy dates back to the earliest days of Chinese history, and is still widely practiced throughout China.
The emperor, who unified the country and founded the Qin dynasty in 221 BC standardized Chinese characters into a form called simplified seal script. The regular script which featured a strictly regular and rigorous style attained its perfection in the Tang dynasty (618-907).
Su Shi, Wang Tingjian, Mi Fei and Cai Xiang are regarded as the four great calligraphers of the Song dynasty (960-1279)They all excelled in the running script using their own individual styles. Some creative calligraphers of the late Ming and early Qing period boldly expressed their own artistic feelings and thoughts in their calligraphy work.
Copyright©China Connection Tours, a reputable China travel agency and China tour operator. The Chinese art been a subject of great discussion among art connoisseurs across the world. Pottery: Among the various art forms, Chinese pottery is arguably the oldest art form practiced in ancient China. Ancient Chinese Art-Painting: Painting of a distinct style too emerged prominently during ancient China.
Other Art Forms: The ancient Chinese poetry is mainly an influence of Confucius, Qu Yuan and Book of Song. The Chinese classical music form the Yayue has been practiced since the Zhou dynasty and was performed in imperial courts in ancient China.

This is just a glimpse of the major art forms prevalent in ancient China with each art form having a long and rich history. Ancient China was ruled by several dynasties and every reign added a unique element to life and society. Although it uses Chinese words as its vehicle of expression, one does not have to know Chinese to appreciate its beauty. Later, it further broke free from the conventions of the Official script and brought into being the cursive script with a distinctive aesthetic charm with links between lines as well as characters.
A group of well-known calligraphers like Ouyang Xun, Yu Shinan, Zhu Suiliang and Xue Ji emerged in the early Tang period, and Yan Zhenqing and Liu Gongquan in the late Tang period. China has an astounding history of all art forms, namely, fine arts, performing arts and folk arts. From the Shang dynasty, the art of pottery started gaining roots with bronze being pre-dominantly used to make pitchers, jars, vessels and boxes. Porcelain jars, cups, tea pots and vases have a stamp of Chinese tradition that lingers till date. It is an exemplary art form that uses extraordinary brush handling techniques, presentation and style to convey the artists message. During the Song dynasty paintings mainly consisted of paintings and the emphasis was more on the spiritual aspect. The other art forms that flourished in ancient China include puppetry, handicrafts, embroidery and ceramics.

It covers the Ancient China Dynasties, Ancient China Law, Population, Geography,Tools, Professions, Homes, Social Life and Religion.
Among them, Yan Zhenqing's vigorous and dignified style represents the spirit of the Tang culture.
The ancient Chinese art forms evolved according to the changing dynasties that ruled the country during different years. There is a great variety among these bronze artifacts, with some being plain while others finely decorated. Handicrafts made of porcelain are some of the best examples of intricate carvings and artistic excellence.
The roots of the ancient Chinese calligraphy can be traced about 4000 years back and it is believed that it was Cang Jie who invented calligraphy during the reign of the Yellow Emperor. During the Ming dynasty, painting received further impetus and the paintings during this period are bolder than those of the Song dynasty.
Characters inscribed on turtle shells and animal bones over three thousand years ago are the earliest systematic Chinese written language extant today.
The inscriptions were mainly used for divination and keeping records of events that happened in the late Shang dynasty Most of them were found at the Shang capital city, Yin (today's Xiaomencun, Anyang, Henan).

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